It’s snow joke

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It’s currently (7am) -17°C but more like -26 with the windchill. (Wind gusts up to 50km/h) There’s going to be a big dumping of snow this evening – we’re told to expect 10-15cm of snowfall about 8pm, making driving “treacherous”. Mind you, they also just said Hamilton (just south of us) is likely to get ~50cm of snow!

Now this is cold

February 5, 2007 by · 1 Comment
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6:30am: temperature is -16°C but the windchill makes it feels like -32 (according to the forecast – I’m not heading out just yet).

Winter draws on

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Right now (7am) it’s -17°C but with the windchill it feels like -23

I broke a tooth but had a temporary filling installed yesterday; apparently I’ll be seeing my dentist a few more times in the next little while. :(

Anyone know how a friend of mine (seriously, it’s not for me!) can get hold of a copy of MS-Office98?

Yesterday was Robbie Burns‘ Day (248 years young), so I foresee a scotch-filled evening in my future. :)

Winter’s arrived

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Current temperature (with wind chill) is -20°C!

Good news, bad news

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Good news: it’s snowing! At last! :)
Bad news: the hard drive on one of the Windoze PCs has died :(

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