Paul Henman formula1 Monaco Grand Prix – Practice

Monaco Grand Prix – Practice

It’s the Grand Prix of Monaco this weekend, and traditionally Practice is held on Thursday and there’s no running on Friday.

Fastest in the first practice session was Barrichello (1:17.189) followed by Massa and Hamilton. There were only a few minor incidents: HK & RB had to use the escape road at Ste Devote; MW had a rear-end problem and Red Bull teammate SV had a smoky Renault engine.

Practice 2:
SBu is first on track, followed by NP & NR
Apparently Bridgestone have brought the soft and super-soft tyre compounds for this weekend
SBu sets the first time – 1:23.542
SBo 1:23.207
SBu 1:21.529
NR 1:19.433
That’s a big engine failure for RK, heading uphill after Ste Devote
NR 1:18.486
HK 1:18.361
LH 1:18.124
15mins gone; 75mins left – only the Red Bull drivers (MW & SV) are still in their garage
FA 1:17.723
FA 1:17.362
KN 1:17.259
HK 1:16.871 – that’s faster than the quicker time in Practice 1
(LH P2)
30mins gone; 60mins left
LH cuts the chicane and abandons the lap
SV finally exits the pits but still no sign of MW
FM 1:16.637
LH 1:16.523
FM has to use the escape road at Ste Devote
Pit-car radio for FM suggests he adjust the front wing for a lap (this is a new feature for this season)
MW is finally on track
LH was on a hot lap but cut the chicane (Turn 11) after the tunnel
LH 1:16.204
FM 1:16.112
FM 1:16.109
FM looked like he was on for another fastest lap but his Ferrari looks very twitchy
HK 1:15.984
RB 1:15.590
30mins left
SV uses the Ste Devote runoff
15mins left
10mins left; RB still fastest (1:15.590) followed by LH, NR, HK, FM, KR, JB & FA
NR 1:15.446
LH 1:15.445 – just 1 thousandth of a second faster
NR 1:15.243
5mins left – NR, LH, RB, FM, HK, KR, KN, JB
NR cuts the new chicane
FM slows to give himself a big gap for a final lap but GF passes him – lots of hand waving from both drivers
(JB P4)
The two Red Bull drivers take to the Ste Devote escape road
NR facing the wrong way at Mirabeau
Chequered flag
FA held up by JT
Session over; fastest was NR (1:15.243) followed by LH, RB & JB.

The final practice session is Saturday morning (11am local time, 5am EST) followed by Qualifying at 8am EST.

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