Hungarian Grand Prix – Race

If you didn’t see Qualifying yesterday, you should at least catch the highlights before today’s race – the good news is that Massa seems to be OK. (I’ve been adding comments to my notes from Qualifying as I find news updates.) Obviously he won’t be racing today but hopefully he’ll be back for the next GP.

As I mentioned in my Qualifying notes, Toro Rosso have replaced Sebastien Bordais with Jaime Alguersuari – the youngest-ever F1 driver.

The provisional grid: FA, SV, MW, LH, NR, HK, KR, JB, KN, [FM], SB, JT, RB, TG, NP, NH, GF, AS, RK, JA.

Air temperature 25°C, track 43°C, wind 8.6m/s, humidity 41%, pressure 993.3mBar.

As always, my race notes are behind this cut …

FA leads all 19 cars away on the formation lap
Looks like most of the front-runners are on the super-soft (option) compound; SV is on the soft (prime) tyre

01/70: KR side-swipes LH as they come off the grid

02: FA, MW, LH, KR, NR, HK, SV, KN (JB P9)
JB makes a nice move up the inside of KN in Turn 1 and takes P8
AS pits and is put onto rollers to push him into the garage

03: FA fastest lap 1:25.176
Replay shows KR also made contact with SV
BBC report AS has a water pressure problem that was leading to overheating

04: FA f/lap 1:24.436
Based on the official pre-race weights, FA will pit about 7 laps before the other front-runners

05/70: FA f/lap 1:23.529
LH takes P2 from MW coming out of Turn 1

06: No mention of the race officials investigating KR after 2 collisions at the start of the race

07: LH f/lap 1:23.218
New boy JA is in P18 (last) but posting respectable lap times (1:24.966)

08: LH f/lap 1:23.207
LH asks his engineer if he needs to conserve fuel; he’s told no, keep up the pace
FA’s right rear tyre is graining, which will reduce his rear grip

09: LH has closed the gap to FA to 1.4secs
HK is dropping back from NR, which means JB is falling away from MW

10/70: FA, LH, MW, KR, NR, HK, SV, JB; retirement: AS
MW f/lap 1:23.190

11: Personal f/laps for KR and NR; HK now 4.3s behind NR

12: KR will be investigated after the race – the usual FIA way of making sure not to impact Ferrari 🙁

13: FA pits from P1
Looks like the front-right wheel didn’t go on properly – visible vibrations on FA’s car
The spinner (the bake duct) has come off – obviously debris causes concern after yesterday’s accident

14: LH f/lap 1:22.868
FA front-right wheel has come off and bounced across the track

15/70: FA back in the pits; rejoins right in front of LH – lets him through and is now a lap down

16: LH, MW, KR, NR, HK, SV, JB, KN
Replay shows FA was released from the box while the mechanic was still working on the front-right wheel
LH f/lap 1:22.795

17: LH f/lap 1:22.479 – he’s now got a 4.2s lead over MW
FA pits again and is pushed into the garage

18: JB is struggling to brake the Brawn car into corners; KN is closing on his tail

19: NH pits from P13

20/70: MW and KR pit from P2 and P3 respectively
A shambles in the Red Bull pits – they start to release MW but change their mind (the fuel hose was still on the car), and then release MW almost into the side of KR – that will probably cost him a drive-through penalty

21: LH pits from P1
NR pits from P2

22: HK and SV pit – looks like another slow stop by Red Bull

23: KN pits, which should be a relief for JB
Pit-car reminds LH to look after this set of tyres

24: Personal f/lap for JB and JT (currently P2 and P3)
NP pits from P4
KN tries to run around the outside of NP but NP holds his line

25/70: LH, JB, JT, KR, TG, MW, HK, NR … but we’re in the middle of the first pit stop window so some positions are artificially high

26: JB pits from P2 – rejoins behind his teammate RB
GF immediately rushes past LH to take P11

27: SV tells his engineer “something is broken”; “I can’t control the car”
SV’s Red Bull seems to be running low at the rear, so it could be a suspension problem

28: SV pits – a long stop as they check the car over but they release him back into the race

29: JT pits from P2 – rejoins ahead of JB
JA makes his first ever F1 pit stop

30/70: LH, KR, TG*, MW, HK, NR, RB*, JT (*=yet to stop)

31: SV pits and retires – that’s the front row of the grid both out!
JB complains of serious oversteer

32: HK takes a look at passing MW but backs off

33: TG pits from P3 – rejoins in P7, behind RB

34: RB pits from P6 – the last to pit – rejoins in P13

35/70: LH, KR, MW, HK, NR, TG, JT, JB; retirements: AS, FA, SV
HK still pushing MW for P3

37: LH has a 7sec lead over KR, who in turn is 13s ahead of MW

39: Yellow flags are out for SB – went off in Turn 2 but recovered OK

40/70: LH, KR, MW, HK, NR, TG, JT, JB
SB pits – rejoins in P16/last, over 35secs behind JA

42: Personal f/lap for KR
Pit-car for MW tells him to push so that LH will exit the pits behind him

43: HK continues to harry MW

44: McLaren getting ready for a pit stop

45/70: HK pits from P4 – prime (soft) tyres – 8.1s stop – rejoins in P6, ahead of JT

46: KR pits from P2 – primes – 8.3s … no, over 11s because he couldn’t find a gear

47: LH pits from P1 – primes – 8.3s – rejoins clearly ahead of MW, still in P1

48: GF pits

49: NP pits

50/70: NR pits from P3 – primes – 6.7s
NH pits too
TG all over the rear of KR’s Ferrari

51: MW pits from P2 – options – 7.4s – rejoins ahead of NR

52: BBC report HK has a problem with brake temperature but McLaren have told him to change some settings to address it

53: JA pits from P14

55/70: LH, KR, TG*, MW, NR, HK, JT*, JB*; retirements: AS, FA, SV
JB only 0.8s ahead of KN

56: JB pits from P8 – primes – rejoins in P10, behind his teammate

57: KN pits from P8 – rejoins behind JB

58: RB pits from P8 – rejoins behind KN
Personal f/lap for JB

59: JT pits from P7

60/70: LH, KR, TG*, MW, NR, HK, JB, JT; retirements: AS, FA, SV
When will TG pit?

61: TG pits from P3 – rejoins in P6, ahead of JB
Personal f/lap for MW

62: LH has a 17s lead over KR; MW is 6.5s further back in P3
Pit-car for RB urges him on – he’ll get 1 point if he can pass KN then JT

64: HK & TG both post personal f/laps

65/70: LH, KR, MW, NR, HK, TG, JB, JT

66: MW f/lap 1:21.931 – he’s still 5s behind KR so he can’t catch him

68: LH has a comfortable 15s lead over KR, who in turn is 4.5s ahead of MW

69: Looks impossible for RB to get the 1 point his team want, unless KN makes a mistake and KR is penalised for the first lap incidents

70/70 – final lap: LH starts celebrating before he crosses the line
LH takes P1 – his first podium of the season, and the first win for a KERS car
P2=KR (but remember the stewards are going to review the first lap incidents but I can’t believe they’ll penalise a Ferrari)
P3=MW, 4=NR, 5=HK, 6=TG, 7=JB, 8=JT
P9=KN, 10=RB, 11=NH, 12=NP, 13=RK, 14=GF (+1 lap), 15=JA, 16=SB

LH clearly pleased to be back on the podium after so long.

LH: “Incredible to be here” after such a long time away from the podium
KR: “I made a good start”; “some issues on the last pit stop”; “more close than we expected”
MW: thought they’d be near the front but not the same advantage as the previous couple of races
LH: “Yesterday was a sad day” (re: Massa’s accident)
KR: claims to know nothing about hitting SV at the start; liar!
MW: too early to ask the team to back him; thinks he & SV can both battle the Brawns
LH: “we’re now on the right track”

Provisional result: LH, KR, MW, NR, HK, TG, JB, JT, KN, RB, NH, NP, RK, GF, JA, SB; SV, FA, AS … but will the post-race investigation move KR?

The next race is four weeks away (the teams have to take a 2 week break according to the rules) – it’s the European GP in Valencia on August 21-23.