Paul Henman formula1 Mosley is a slimebag

Mosley is a slimebag

I know it’s not news to anyone who has followed Formula One for any length of time, but Max Mosley is a slimebag. It’s good for the sport that he’s finally stepping down as FIA president at the end of this season. Unfortunately he’s still sliming his was around in the dark corners of F1.

There’s a two horse race to replace Mosley: ex-Ferrari team boss Jean Todt and Finnish ex-rally driver (Member of the European Parliament!) Ari Vatanen. [I mentioned this in a post a few weeks ago.]

Clearly it’s too much to ask for Mosley to allow a fair fight between the two candidates. BBC reports that Mosley wrote to Jordan’s Prince Feisal, one of Vatanen’s proposed vice presidents, in which the slimebag says “Vatanen will lose the election and lose badly, not least because he chose to denigrate the FIA”. Wow! That’s rich coming from someone who has do so much to tarnish the FIA’s reputation.

In the FIA-branded document dated 28 September, Mosley alleged that Vatanen’s campaign “has been marked by untruthful claims” and “has now descended to insults such as his recent statements… that the entire FIA system is unfair, autocratic and unjust”.

Apparently Vatanen is “seeking legal advice to keep the ballot secret, is confident that he will be able to unite the sport should he succeed in his bid”; personally I wonder how anyone can trust anything the FIA does behind closed doors, but I see that he’s trying to save his supporters from the backlash once Mosley and his equally (sorry, even more) slimy friend Bernie Ecclestone succeed in engineering Todt’s victory.

I think Todt taking over as President will just continue the downward slide of the FIA – fans (i.e. paying customers) are walking away from the sport because of the backroom dealings, the cheating, and the increasing cost of being a fan. Vatanen strikes me as the better candidate but F1 isn’t about what we want – it’s a huge industry monopoly that will have its leader decided by the power brokers.

Then again, maybe F1 just wouldn’t be F1 without the villains and dictators?

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