And now for a word from our sponsors

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve added Google adverts to my blog (to all my blogs, in fact). It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while and I’ve resisted because I’m worried it might deter people from visiting my sites, but right now I need to keep the cats in kibble so every penny helps. I’ve tried to make the ads less intrusive and hopefully they won’t prevent anyone from reading my blogs, but in case it does here’s an incentive: once I’m working again I’ll remove the ads, so let me know if you hear of any small-ish software development teams in Toronto who need a project manager! 🙂

Website updatesWebsite updates

I made a couple of website changes recently: Started a new photography site, Toronto Tuesday – “Photos of Toronto, published on Tuesdays!” Moved my work-related blog to a more appropriate domain name, You can

Website issuesWebsite issues

There are some strange issues with my websites which I’ve been investigating for the past few hours. I’m having problems enabling some plugins and themes, which is effecting this site’s appearance; the content seems mostly