Paul Henman formula1 German Grand Prix – Practice

German Grand Prix – Practice

The British Grand Prix weekend started with rain on both Friday and Saturday, but dried up in time for the race; this weekend started in similar fashion in Hockenheim.

RG has a 5 grid spot penalty waiting for him after a gearbox change.

My GridBids picks for this weekend are: SV, JB, LH, FM, FA, MS.

McLaren has brought some major modifications

Free Practice 1
JB fastest in the dry
Interesting to see there are two small bright lights under the McLaren, presumably to help the engineers see air flow
HK off track but escaped the gravel
Starts to rain
Bit of a tank-slapper for JV
Bottas (Williams’ test driver) lost the rear end and slammed backwards into the tyre wall
Fastest was JB (1:16.595), LH, FA, MS, SP, NH, NR, FM

Practice 2
It’s raining constantly and the forecast is that it will continue to the end of FP2
BS is the first on track, 17 minutes after the session started
Just an installation lap on full wets for BS
Radio for CP says heavier rain coming so go out now
JV on track, throwing up huge plumes of water
JV runs wide but sets the first lap time of FP2 – 1:43.330
NR 1:43.222
JV 1:41.135
NR 1:40.666
JV 1:39.843
DR runs wide, as does TG
It’s still very wet out there but they’re still topping 230km/hr
NR 1:39.021
30mins gone, 60mins left of FP2; everyone on track except LH, FA, FM, PRo
Radio for KR warns him of rear wing problem
SV 1:38.243
MS 1:38.194
JV 1:38.051
NR ventures out on intermediate tyres; given how some drivers on full wets are struggling, it might be too soon for inters
Radio for NR telling him rain expected in 10mins
FA 1:37.395
NR 1:37.285 – OK, so it *is* time for inters
FA 1:36.389, also on inters
NR 1:35.833
FA 1:34.593
Half way through FP2; only PRo yet to set a time, as his team are still working on his car
DR 1:33.236
RG 1:32.897
MS 1:32.777
RG looks like he’s drifting as he hangs the tail out through the last couple of turns
RG 1:32.066
FA 1:31.207
RG 1:30.666
LH 1:30.617
RG 1:30.181
FM 1:29.719
NH spins – does a complete 360 and carries on
SP 1:29.698
KR 1:29.327
SV 1:28.835
JB 1:28.516
RG 1:28.420
Radio for JB asking if it’s dry enough to change from inters yet; JB says no
Race control: DRS enabled
30mins left of FP2
SV 1:27.902
PM 1:27.476
It’s started to rain again … and it’s getting harder
Race control: DRS disabled … not that it matters because everyone’s in the pits
Looks like HRT have finished working on PRo’s car
Rain easing up; KR, BS, LH & MS on track
10mins left
DR off, stuck in the gravel trap at Turn 3
MS barely touches a white line coming out of Turn 12, loses the tail, spins around and clouts the tyre wall
Red flag with 3:30 left of FP2, so that’s effectively the end of this session
MS keeping a very close eye on his car as the marshals remove his car
Fastest was PM (1:27.476) followed by NR, SV, SP, RG, NH, DR, JB, MW.

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