About me:

  • Englishman living in Canada
    I grew up in Bedfordshire (about 40 miles north of London), went to Lancaster University (in the northwest of England), then moved south again for work. Kerri and I met in 1999; I moved to Toronto (where she was already living) in 2001; we married the following year and have been here ever since.

  • Work
    I’m been involved in Agile* projects since the mid-1990s. The asterisk is because Agile was created in 2001 but many elements of it existed in the 1990s or before. Read my Agile Coach page for an introduction to what I do and pointers to deeper information.

  • Rest
    Aside from various geeky projects at home, my main hobbies are photography, watching Formula One racing, and (combining photography and motorsport) I’m part of the Honda Indy Toronto photography team. I’m also a big fan of prog rock, especially Marillion.

  • Play
    The photowalks group I started in 2009 keeps me fairly busy, but I also enjoy playing badminton.

As for social media:

  • I limit Facebook to keeping in touch with friends; if you know me, you’ll find me 🙂
  • My Twitter stream is a mix of things I post on my blogs and snippets I find interesting
  • Instagram doesn’t get as much attention as it probably should – most of my photos are on Flickr
  • My résumé is on LinkedIn as well as my work-focused site,