Updated December 2022; Toronto, ON, Canada.

Current priority

  • I was laid off the week before Christmas so I’m looking for a new agile coaching position in Toronto. I’ll be updating my résumé and LinkedIn (the content is correct but I want to freshen it up a bit) before starting the job hunt in earnest.

Kaizen (improvement step)

  • Catching up with people that I’ve not spoken/written to in ages.
  • Physical health: badminton season starts shortly.

Eternally needing attention

  • Toronto Photo Walks is getting back up to speed; we had our 13th anniversary walk/party in November, followed by our annual Seasonal Lights evening walk.
  • Keeping the badminton club’s website & mailing list up to date.

Top (few things) of my backlog

  • Finding a doctor in Toronto (seems like an impossibility!)
  • Get back into posting about agile and/or coaching on my work-related blog.
  • Getting to grips with Mastodon.
  • Seeing Marillion again this year.
  • Getting prepared (fit & practised) in the hope of shooting the Honda Indy Toronto again in July 2023.

Commit or drop?

  • Still listening to a lot of podcasts, occasionally adding new shows and removing others so I ought to post an updated list sometime.
  • I haven’t posted updates to Paul Henman Photography or Toronto Tuesday in ages but I’m finally getting out and shooting again.
  • I’m still frustrated with Formula One and I have pretty low expectations for the new season (but still expect to be disappointed).


  • The YouTube rabbit hole… although it occasionally results in interesting discoveries.

Deleted from my backlog

  • Trying to manage all sorts of tech at home (e.g. multiple flavours of NAS box) – I’ve simplified my setup and now need to find new homes for some older kit.

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