• Working as an Agile Coach. We’ve been working from home for nearly 2½ years (like most people); one advantage of WFH is that I’m currently coaching teams in Montreal and Kitchener – virtually travelling 650km (400 miles) for back-to-back meetings 🙂

  • The Toronto Photo Walks group’s walks are on hold for now – hopefully we’ll be able to restart sometime soon.

  • Still disappointed, frustrated and angry at the end of the 2021 Formula One season. I’m still writing my race notes but I’m not as excited or engaged; I’ve given up hoping the FIA will do anything to address (or even admit) their mistakes which led to the championship being handed to Verstappen and Red Bull.

  • Thee Honda Indy Toronto is back! It was cancelled for 2020 and 2021 so I wrote a blog post with some of my favourite shots. Unfortunately I’m not able to shoot it this year due to my health/fitness, but hopefully I can get back in the team next year.

  • The North American Rugby League (NARL) is struggling to get going; obviously there’s challenges with a league that requires teams to cross the US/Canadian border.

  • Still listening to a lot of podcasts. I actually reached the end of my backlog during my Christmas vacation time – at one point it was over 50 hours!

  • Drinking something interesting – I try to remember to log new beers on Untappd.

  • Rarely posting updates to my Toronto Tuesday photo-blog … it feels like I’m running out of material, or at least of photos which I want to share. Now I just want to get out and shoot more.

*Now = June 2022
(This is a now page)