I started taking photos as a teenager and progressed to a film SLR, but it was once I moved to Canada and bought my first digital camera that I really became inspired.

Partly because of my new location and partly because it was now easier to experiment, I began exploring the city with my camera and in 2009 I started Toronto Photo Walks as a way to share the fun.

As a huge fan of motor racing it was amazing to be invited to be one of the photographers at the 2010 Honda Indy Toronto (HIT) and every year since.

I had one of my shots used in a David Suzuki Foundation report, and in 2011 I finally showed some of my work in public. In 2012, a few of us from the Toronto Photo Walks group organised our first group exhibition and I showed four pieces. TOPW had another group exhibition in 2014 and I showed a different four.

I was very proud to be asked by Toronto and Region Conservation Authority to lead a nature photography workshop as part of the 2012 Spring Bird Festival at Tommy Thompson Park; I brought in three people from the TOPW group so that we could break the workshop into smaller groups, and everyone had fun. (Here‘s a photo from our prep day.)

You can find most of my photos on Flickr, my “best of” shots on my photo site (, and a mix of favourites & random snaps on Instagram.

Note: If you’re looking for the Paul Henman who’s a photographer based in South Africa, then you should head to