Paul Henman photo Photo updates, March 2009

Photo updates, March 2009

There aren’t many new photos for March – I started having problems with my camera at the end of February and then it stopped working all together! I’ll write a separate post about the problems I’m having getting it fixed by Canon, but suffice it to say that I’m not happy with their “customer service”.

Anyway, on with the photos; you can find my February roundup here or look for the photo tag or even the tag category.

Yeah, that’s it – that’s all for March: four events, of which one was using a friend’s camera, one was with a little point+shoot, and the last two were with my XTi … except it’s going back to Canon because their “service” department finally sent it back after four weeks during which time they broke one of the viewfinder mirrors! (As I said, more on that ongoing tale of woe in a separate post.)

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