Paul Henman funny Will Mike Cohn leave the Scrum Alliance?

Will Mike Cohn leave the Scrum Alliance?

Yesterday reported:

The Scrum Alliance announced last year that Scrum creator Ken Schwaber resigned as President and Chair of the Board of Directors. This might be however not the end of the turmoil in the Agile world. Ken Schwaber was replaced October 5 by Mike Cohn, but there are now rumors that he might leave the Scrum Alliance to join the Waterfall Alliance. And this is not the only surprise that might happen soon: other unverified sources mentions that the Waterfall Alliance is also currently negotiating with Jeff Sutherland and Tom Gilb to join its board. […] Any developer with a little bit of common sense will recognize that it is more sensible to sign contracts for months (years or centuries) of secure work with a traditional waterfall process than to do short weekly iterations where the customer can kill the project at any time. We all know that most of the Agile “adopters” have left Waterfall because Scrum is quicker and trendier to place on PowerPoint slides.

Hopefully people read the whole article and spotted it’s an April Fool – I’ve read the Waterfall Manifesto before and it still amuses me.

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