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Worldwide Photo Walk 2011

I’m organising a photo walk in Toronto as part of the 4th annual Worldwide Photo Walk, which will be my 2nd WWPW as a walk leader.

The walk I’m planning is in the Summerhill & Yorkville area. It coincides with our regular Toronto Photo Walk schedule, so I’m organising it as a normal TOPW event (i.e. 10am to 6pm with pub stops for lunch and at the end) but there’s a specific WWPW start point for anyone who only wants to join us for a couple of hours.

If you’re interested in joining my walk, register and join the walk; if you want to find another WWPW or organise your own, just go to the WWPW website and follow their navigation.

Update: the walk is now full (50 people) and there’s a waiting list; you can add your name to the waiting list if you want, or sign up for one of the other walks in the area. I promise not to be upset if you go to someone else’s walk or lead your own! 🙂

p.s. Official WWPW T-shirts are now available.

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  1. People continue adding themselves to the waiting list for my walk, which is very nice of you but the group is full and I’ve not seen anyone drop out as yet. There is a walk in the Beach/es on the Saturday morning, so please consider signing up for Jared’s walk. Failing that, there’s still time to create a walk of your own for the Saturday or Sunday!

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