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Honda Indy Toronto website header

Call me slow but I’ve only just realised that one of my shots is featured on the header of the Honda Indy Toronto website!

The website uses a few different images in the banner so you might have to reload a couple of times before you see it, but here it is (scaled down slightly to fit inside my blog):

…and here’s the photo I took:

You can find more of my Best of Toronto Honda Indy 2010 shots; I didn’t create a “best of” for 2011 so you can find a large album of them on Flickr. OK, now there is a Best of Toronto Honda Indy 2011 set.

p.s. I’ve been invited back to shoot for the circuit again this year! 🙂

When I shoot for the circuit, the arrangement is I get a media pass that grants me full access in exchange for them being able to use some of my shots, although I don’t get photo credit so it’s down to me to spot them when they use them.

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