Paul Henman photo,review Favourite photos of 2012

Favourite photos of 2012

As is traditional at this point in the year, it’s time for a look back over the past 12 months. Obviously the biggest thing for me was the inaugural Toronto Photo Walks exhibition which went very well, I think: after some initial problems, I and 18 of my fellow TOPW photographers showed our work for three weeks; we got some great feedback and a few people even sold some of their prints. I also met up with two pro-photographers I’ve followed for some time: Chris Marquardt and Martin Bailey were both in Toronto for workshops.

I’ve tried to post a round up of my photos each month although I often seemed to be weeks behind. [Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec.] Here are a few of my favourite shots; click on each image to enlarge them:

  • TOPW: Hair of the Dog

  • Cherry blossom – High Park

  • Prep for TOPW:Spring Bird Festival

  • TOPW: Cedarvale, Roycroft, Ramsden and David A Balfour Parks

  • Honda Indy Toronto 2012

  • Olympic Heroes Parade

  • Mwahaha!

  • …and of course I’ll wrap up with one last mention of the Toronto Photo Walks exhibition 🙂

As always you can see my “best of” photos on my photoblog and in my portfolio.

I end all my photo posts with a set of links; here’s what they mean:

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