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2013 Marillion Weekend in Montreal

Wow, what a fantastic weekend! OK, so there’s no beating the time I was on stage with Marillion, but this weekend came pretty close!

Friday kicked off with Mystery, with Benoit David (Yes, 2008-2012) on vocals.

Marillion came on to a huge reception, of course – opening with Montreal was obvious but completely the right choice. I’ve liked Radiation since I first heard it, so I knew I’d enjoy this evening. [set list]

Saturday lunch time I headed over to Brutopia to see what was happening. Apparently Eric Blackwood (Edison’s Children) was playing but there were so many people it was impossible to see anything, and I ended up chatting with a couple of guys (Andy and Zach) from New York State.

The evening kicked off with Pete Trewavas performing some solo work, and then he was joined on stage by Eric Blackwood. Pete said he’d also played at Brutopia, but I completely missed that.

The second support act was Jacob Moon – he had joined Marillion on stage on Friday during Three Minute Boy but his own work was great so we picked up a couple of CDs.

Tonight’s album was Brave, a great story album, followed by some other tracks including two of my favourites: Drilling Holes and Out of This World. [set list]

Sunday afternoon brought the fan events: “Q&A” and “Swap The Band”. There were some great/funny questions and answers, followed by the raffle and a few people being invited on stage to have their photographs taken with the band. Been there, done that! 🙂

We met Aaron & Mark the day before and were warned what was going to happen next – Aaron had arranged for the two of them to meet the band and then he proposed to Mark. I tried to find a spot to take some photos for them but Andy was on stage (and partially blocked me) so at least they’ll have some great photos to remember their day.

After a short “intermission”, everyone headed back to the L’Olympia for the final part of the weekend. Lucie Lynch opened, followed by Sound Of Contact with Simon Collins (son of Phil Collins) and John Wesley (who supported Marillion in 2011).

For the third night, Marillion played Sounds That Can’t Be Made so we got a second helping of Montreal, which of course went over well. 🙂 [set list]

So that’s it for now. Yes, I’ve only posted one photo from Marillion’s Sunday night set – hopefully I’ll find time to post some more soon, but in the meantime you can find all my Marillion Weekend photos on Flickr. (Also check out my shots from the Marillion Weekend 2009 and 2011, and the Toronto stop of the North American Tour of 2012.)


Update: I don’t know how I skipped over the craziness of Friday night – maybe I had subconsciously blocked it out. In case you missed the story of that fiasco, here’s the quick version: we arrived in Montreal mid-afternoon and headed to the hotel; checked in; dropped things in our room and were getting ready to go out for dinner (and I’m checking my camera gear) when it dawned on me … I had left the Marillion tickets at home, on my desk! I didn’t even bother checking my bag – I knew I’d left them on my desk. Kerri checked her email (as she paid for the tickets) and called Andy, while I texted Andy and called the box office. I got the emails from Andy (who was checking in on our cats) with photos of the tickets just as I got through to the box office; the guy I spoke to was very calm (well one of us had to be!) and walked me through the process of getting the tickets re-printed. After about 20 minutes on hold with, I spoke to someone who verified our order and sent confirmation to the box office. Aside from avoiding the student protest, picking up the tickets was pretty painless. Phew!

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