Paul Henman toronto Spirit of Toronto

Spirit of Toronto

I was at the 10th Annual Spirit of Toronto last weekend with my friends Andy & Josh and his friend Chris. Andy & I missed the first one in 2005 but have been to every Spirit since.

There were fewer masterclasses than previous years, and the one we wanted to attend sold out in minutes but we ended up going to “Wiser’s Whisky: The Legacy of Canadian Blending” with master blender Don Livermore, which was a lot of fun. Catering by Daniel et Daniel was excellent as always.

As much as I enjoyed the scotch, canadian whisky and bourbon, the biggest stand-out for me was the range of grappa that I tried – my favourite was the Giare Gewürztraminer (not available in the LCBO yet) which has been aged for 36 months in oak barrels.

I didn’t see the video booth this year, but here’s Andy from 2011 and 2012. I always manage to avoid it though 🙂

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