Photo updates, June and July 2023

I failed to post an update for June, so this will cover both months. There were a couple of photowalks and a trip to McMichael Gallery in June, and then two more photowalks in July plus a day at the Indy.

  • TOPW: Lawrence Park Walk, June 3rd
    Starting near Lawrence subway station, we walked south through Lawrence Park, stopping for a while to watch people playing croquet and bowls at Lawrence Park Lawn Bowling Club. We left the park and continue down Mount Pleasant Road to Eglinton Avenur, ending at Granite Brewery.

  • TOPW: Bloor West Village-High Park Walk, June 17th
    A joint walk with the Toronto Film Shooters group, we met up near Runnymede subway station. Taking the Wendigo Way into High Park, around Grenadier Pond, up to the Grenadier Restaurant, and then down Deer Pen Road, through the zoo. Continuing along Deer Pen Road to the east side of the park, then north on Howard Park Avenue and Parkside Drive to Bloor, ending at the Mug Shot Tavern.
    taming of the squirrel

  • McMichael Gallery
    A mid-week excursion with some TOPW members to the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg. We spent most of our time wandering through the gallery, but after lunch we had a stroll through the sculpture garden before heading home.

  • TOPW: Canada Day 2023 Along The Waterfront
    TOPW escaped the heat, humidity and smoke (from the wildfires) by strolling along Toronto’s waterfront, starting at Spadina, going east on Queens Quay, and ending at Mill Street Brewpub. A few of us also stopped mid-walk to rehydrate at Amsterdam brewhouse 🙂
    Buzzing a pirate ship

  • Honda Indy Toronto 2023 – Fan Friday
    I decided not to participate in the official HIT photo team again this year, but I headed down there on Fan Friday to test myself – it’s usually an intense three days, but I set myself a few goals to see how I’m progressing towards getting back on the team. I carried most of the same camera gear (except the 100-400 zoom lens) and walked a similar distance (albeit on the fan side of the fencing rather than being able to use photo holes) in the heat. Getting some shots was almost secondary, but I think I got a few decent pics.
    Radical in Turn 4 Memorial Early Learner Pretty in Papaya USF Pro 2000 Selfie Hurtling into Turn 5

  • TOPW: Beltline To The Brick Works, July 15th
    This TOPW route started opposite Davisville subway station, headed down Yonge and into the north-west corner of Mount Pleasant Cemetery. We headed east, crossed Mount Pleasant Road, and entered the other half of the cemetery grounds. The plan had been to head south-east and enter Moore Park Ravine but we missed the turning and ended up in the SE corner at Moore Ave and Bayview. Fortunately some local knowledge led to a new plan and we followed Bayview Heights Drive to get into the Ravine. Unfortunately that didn’t go as planned either and we ended up looping back towards the cemetery in order to find the Beltline Trail. The detour put us behind schedule so we didn’t have time to shoot at the Brickworks; instead we jumped on the shuttle bus up to Broadview Station. It had also started to rain, but fortunately it was a short walk to Factory Girl (pub) for lunch.

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