Photo updates, October 2023

  • TOPW: WWPW (WorldWide PhotoWalk) 2023
    Two of the TOPW regulars led walks for Scott Kelby’s WorldWide PhotoWalk day. I went on Jeff’s walk from the Distillery District, through the construction zone of Cherry Street and Port Lands, and then back to Mill Street brewery. Mark & I made a quick refreshment stop at Cherry Street Bar-B-Que so we skipped Villiers Street in order to arrive at Mill St only a few minutes behind the group.
    Cherry Street North Bridge

  • Hockey: Leaside vs Toronto East Enders
    I had some time to kill before Kerri’s show with Scarborough Players so I planned to wander around Cornell Campbell House and Fred Johnson Park but it started to rain and there really wasn’t much to see (other than a couple of dodgy guys). Instead I headed into Scarborough Village Recreation Centre and saw a hockey game was in progress. I’ve not shot hockey before so it took a while before I found a good spot.
    Head shot

  • TOPW: Beltline 2023
    Another TTC closure caused us to start at St.Clair station rather than Davisville, but that meant a short detour through the western edge of Mount Pleasant cemetery before heading NW on the Kay Gardner Beltline Trail – site of the short-lived (1892–1894) railway line that was built to service new suburban neighbourhoods outside of the then city limits. (Kay Gardner was a City councillor in the 1980s.) A simple route, we continued on the trail to Eglinton Ave W and then turned west to reach the pub.
    Watching over the neigh-bourhood

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