Paul Henman personal Happy anniversary to me

Happy anniversary to me

Wednesday was the 8th anniversary of me moving to Canada. In some ways it doesn’t seem that long but in other ways it feels like forever since I lived in England.

So what do I miss? Friends and family, of course; real beer; watching motor sports (F1, BTCC) live; driving on the correct side of the road; errr…. that’s about it.

It’s amusing/frustrating that I see job ads for scrum masters in England and nothing here; mind you, there seems to be lots for Australia and the US, so maybe it’s time to try out a third continent? Either that or Vancouver, which might be easier. 🙂

Anyway, back to my anniversary. I should have opened one some of the English beers I have at home (Sam Smiths or Fullers) but instead a few of us went to my new regular bar (Taps and Tales) for some local beer: Denison’s weissbier, which is brewed in Etobicoke, just a few miles from here.


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