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Job hunting resources

I’m sure some people are tired of hearing me complain about my ongoing job search, but I thought I should share the resources I use because more and more people are finding themselves in the same situation. Some of them are tech-specific or Ontario/Toronto-specific, but I’ll try to separate those out.

Of course this is not a complete list, it’s just resources I’ve found useful, but please leave me a comment if you have other sites to recommend, especially if they’re focused on Toronto and/or software project management. Thanks.


Aggregators – “the big guns”:

Tech-focused aggregators:

  • DevBistro
  • Information Technology Careers

Generic aggregators:

Open posting sites: (where anyone can post job ads and respond directly)

Reviewed jobs: (Postings that have been reviewed, providing more insight = lower quantity but higher quality)

Good luck! And remember to let me know if you know if you have other sites to recommend, especially if they’re focused on Toronto and/or software project management.

Here are some sites I forgot / didn’t know about when I wrote this post:

Twitter resources:
@CraigsTTJ; @microjobs
Hashtags: #agile; #job; #jobs; #PMOT (project managers on Twitter); #toronto
(As well as following them via TweetDeck, I use my RSS reader to pick up anything I miss in the realtime feed.)

11 thoughts on “Job hunting resources”

  1. Wow, thanks Paul – I haven’t heard of many of these so it’s great to know about new ones out there.

  2. @Robb: I’m glad I could help you find some new sites – hopefully they’ll provide you some good leads.

    @Rob: Thanks for the link; your page reminded me that I’ve not LinkedIn on my list – even though it’s not be very fruitful for me, it could be of help to others.

  3. Similarly, I’ve got a list of sources on the Toronto Tech Jobs page; glad to hear that it’s been helpful, although the fact that you’re still on the hunt implies that it’s been only /so/ helpful.

    Frankly, there haven’t been that many exciting jobs in the past few weeks. Fingers crossed, though.

  4. @Geoffrey: Your site’s been interesting but there’s really not much out there (in the way of job openings) and I’ve become quite selective – I want an Agile (as opposed to Waterfall) project management role. Maybe I shouldn’t be so picky … but then it’s not like I’ve had a lot of “traditional” PM opportunities to consider anyway.

    I honestly believe things will pick up soon (and not just because I want it to!) because the economy isn’t as bad as people initially feared – it just needs everyone to be a bit brave and have some confidence; we all need a little faith instead of believing in (and feeding) a downward spiral.

  5. Thanks for the information. Nicely organized.

    Some suggestions:

    Generic aggregators:

    Tech-focused aggregators:

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