Paul Henman formula1 Turkish Grand Prix – Qualifying

Turkish Grand Prix – Qualifying

Even though I’m at a beer festival, I’m up early to watch Qualifying for this weekend’s Turkish Grand Prix.

Qualifying session 1 (Q1) starts in a minute…
GF is first on track
GF 1:30.004
AS’s Force India looks a little twitchy
NH 1:28.7
JT 1:28.267
FM on a flyer – blocked by a Brawn?
FM 1:28.144
(LH P6)
NH 1:27.9
KN 1:27.59
JT 1:27.529
SV 1:27.330
(JB P3)
10mins left = half way through Q1
(RB P2)
5mins left; bottom 5 are NP, SBu, NH, GF, SBo
(LH is on the bubble)
NP slides sideways through a corner but rejoins OK
Chequered flag falls on Q1
NP off into the kitty litter
Bottom 5 are LH, NP, SBu, GF, SBo
That’s current World Champion LH out in Q3 for the second consecutive race!

FM 1:27.462
RB 1:27.418
KN runs wide
JB 1:27.322
MW runs a little wide too
(SV P2)
Half way through Q2
3mins left; bottom 5 are KN, TG, HK, AS, MW
(MW P3)
Chequered flag
JT 1:27.2
SV 1:27.016
Midfield 5 are: NH, KN, TG, HK, AS

KR first out of the pits
KR 1:29.405
JT 1:28.858
(FM P3)
(JB P2)
SV 1:28.801
3mins left on Q3; order is SV, JT, JB, MW, FA, KR, FM, RK, NR, RB
FA slides sideways through a corner … just like his teammate in Q1
(KR P2)
Chequered flag
MW 1:28.6
JB 1:28.6
(RB P2)
SV 1:28.316

So the provisional grid is: SV, JB, RB, MW, JT, KR, FM, FA, NR, RK, NH, KN, TG, HK, AS, LH, NP, SBu, GF, SBo

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