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Degrees of scrum

As you probably know, I’m looking for a new gig as a Scrum Master (excuse me while I plug my resume) and one of the challenges I’m finding is assessing the “Scruminess” of a company/project.

Fortunately I’ve found two handy tools: “The Scrum But… Test” and “10 Questions for Your Scrum Master Interview“. The first one (which is based on people who say “we do Scrum but…” and a long list of exceptions!) could be used as a self-test, for someone on a project to assess their level of adoption, but I’ve been using it (along with the 10 Questions) as a basis for things I need to learn during interviews.

The good news is that I’ve been interviewing with a company that I think is doing Scrum in a very pragmatic way: not blindly trying to adopt everything but rather picking the parts which make sense and having a roadmap for their next steps. I think the interviews have gone well and hopefully I’ll hear more in the next few days.

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