My tagline

The “tagline” for this blog says “Englishman living in Canada; photographer; Scrum Master / Agile coach; badminton player; Formula One (F1) fan”, so maybe I should expand a little on each of these:

  • Englishman: I was born in Bedfordshire, England; quite often you’ll find a diagram near my desk where I’ve been explaining the difference between England, Great Britain and the United Kingdom; you can also find my flag flying in a window at home 🙂
  • Living in Canada: I migrated to Canada in 2001 and have lived in Toronto ever since.
  • Photographer: I used to shoot with a Minolta film camera but that faded away when became too expensive for me to experiment and learn; fortunately digital cameras came along and I really got back into photography when I bought a Rebel XTi. In 2009 I started Toronto Photo Walks; the group continues to grow and we explore TO every other Saturday.
  • Scrum Master / Agile coach: Having been a developer and a “traditional” project manager, I can safely say Agile and Scrum feels like a much healthier and productive way to develop software. I enjoy helping teams grow and rediscover the fun of software development.
  • Badminton player: I’ve played for many years and for the past few I’ve also looked after the website for my club, BADinTO.
  • Formula One (F1) fan: I don’t remember how I got in to F1 but there’s no beating the sound and smell of a Formula One car! I went to the British Grand Prix for about 10 years and the European GP once as well as Goodwood Festival of Speed. Since moving to Canada I’ve been to the Toronto Indy most years (it used to be the Molson Indy but now it’s the Honda Indy); last year I was given a media pass and shot for the organisers.

This blog tends to focus on photography and F1, but once in a while other topics might sneak in (e.g. the Marillion weekend in Montreal). Check the sidebar for where else you can find me online, e.g. my photography site, the photo walking group, my Twitter stream and Facebook.

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