Paul Henman personal Hot and bothered

Hot and bothered

It’s just past 8am and it’s already 25°C, 34 if you take the humidity into account … which you should because it’s impossible to ignore!

I’ve been awake since about 3:30am because of the heat, and it’s not forecast to get any better before the end of the week. Today’s high is expected to reach 32°C (so it’ll probably feel more like the low 40s with the humidity) but at least there’s a fair chance of a thunderstorm – it might not ease the heat but at least it’ll be pretty 🙂

The only thing that’s more frustrating than the inescapable weather are the stupid weather “forecasters” on TV who say “it’s going to be a nice day”. Errr, no – you’re wrong – it’s going to be an ugly, sticky, muggy day but you’re safe inside the TV studio with the air conditioning going full blast, I bet.

*I put forecasters in quotes because I’m sure none of them actually forecast the weather – they just read it off cue cards.

OK, that’s enough moaning for now. I’m going to spend my day working on more photos from last week and trying to keep cool, although the thermometer in the study hasn’t been below 28°C in days. Blurgh! 🙁

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