Paul Henman formula1 FIA investigate deliberate crash

FIA investigate deliberate crash

I didn’t hear any mention of this during this morning’s Belgian Grand Prix, but it’s being reported by some of the Formula One news sites:

Formula 1’s governing body has launched an investigation into an unspecified previous race, reported to be last year’s Singapore Grand Prix.

The FIA said only that it was said it was investigating “alleged incidents at a previous F1 event”.

News agencies have said the race is last year’s Singapore race won by Renault’s Fernando Alonso following a crash by his team-mate Nelson Piquet.

The incident triggered a safety car which put Alonso into the lead.

Piquet, who attributed the crash to a simple error, was sacked by Renault after the Hungarian Grand Prix last month.

[source: BBC]

This is crazy! I hope there’s nothing to support this claim – if there is, it’s really scary to think that a team would instruct a driver to endanger themselves in order to score some points! Hopefully it’s just a bitter ex-driver (i.e. Nelson Piquet Jr.) trying to stir up controversy.

What do you think? Can you believe a team would be this callous?

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