Paul Henman formula1 Disappointed but not surprised

Disappointed but not surprised

It’s a shame but the result was completely expected – Jean Todt has been elected to succeed Max Mosley as President of the FIA.

BBC reports: “The former Ferrari team boss claimed 135 votes compared to 49 cast for his rival Ari Vatanen with 12 abstentions.”

Vatanen said: “Jean Todt has a lot of qualities but, if he wants to leave his footprints on the FIA, he has got to renew it. And if he doesn’t get rid of the ancient guard and all the people who worked with Mosley, he won’t succeed.”

Given his nickname (Napoleon) and reputation when he ran Ferrari’s F1 team, I can’t imagine Todt will do anything but perpetuate the status quo. The FIA has had a sickening pro-Ferrari stance for many years, and electing the guy who just left Ferrari is not going to change that.

Mosley’s resignation was part of the deal to end the threat of (most of) the teams breaking away from the FIA – replacing one dictator with another isn’t going to help the situation. Ugh!

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