I got a package from IBM a few days ago but forgot to post about it (until now). It’s a shiny metal tin (about 6″ x 6″ x 1.5″) containing a metal puzzle – very neat. But the reason I mention it here: it’s an advert for IBM’s Agility at Scale and Agile Development e-kit.

That reminds me of two other IBM-related things: (1) they’re currently recruiting techies for their Agile team (so hopefully project managers will follow), so I’ll keep an eye on them; (2) there’s a Toronto Agile User Group* meeting on Thursday entitled “Software is About People”, which I’m attending. *The reason that’s IBM-related is Scott Ambler, Chief Methodologist/Agile with IBM Software Group, is one of the founders of the TAUG.

Apologies for the rambling brain dump but it’s been a busy day and it’s not over yet!



I was explaining “YAGNI” (You Aren’t Gonna Need It) to someone recently and I wanted to send them an XKCD cartoon which I think sums it up, but I couldn’t find it. Well, just so

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I haven’t blogged about Agile very much (compared to photography and Formula One) but that might change soon. In the meantime, I’ve been reviewing some bookmarks I’d filed under “Agile-related stuff I ought to check