Paul Henman formula1 Monaco Grand Prix – Qualifying

Monaco Grand Prix – Qualifying

Alonso crashed in this morning’s practice session – the Ferrari mechanics had their hands full rebuilding the car in time for qualifying but they ran out of time and he won’t be taking part – instead he’ll have to start the race from the pit lane!

Track temperature 35°C; air 19°C; wind 1.9m/s; humidity 52%; it’s expected to rain dry.

Qualifying session 1 (Q1)
KC & TG are first to take to the track
It’s going to be a busy session with 23 drivers trying to put in their best lap times
KC 1:23.478
TG 1:20.362
RK 1:16.629
(LH P2)
5mins into the session; all 23 cars are on track
FM 1:16.013
SV 1:15.902
(LH P3)
FM 1:15.660
(LH P2)
JB 1:15.623
NR 1:15.188
FM 1:14.757
(SV P2)
10mins gone = halfway through Q1
(MW P2)
JA seems to have the track to himself for a moment – lots of clear air – moves up to P12
5mins left
3mins left – bottom 7 are HK, JT, TG, LdG, BS, KC & FA who’s watching from the Ferrari garage
Yellow flags as HK spins in the hairpin – manages to keep it out of the barriers
Chequered flag falls on Q1
Bottom 7 grid spots are: HK, JT, TG, LdG, BS, KC & FA

Qualifying session 2 (Q2)
Queue forms at the pit lane exit, headed by SB
VP 1:15.576
RK 1:14.942
(MS P2)
RK 1:14.625
5mins gone = 10mins left of Q2
FM 1:14.613
NR 1:14.375
(MW P2)
(JB can only manage P10)
5mins left – bottom 7 are VL, SB, VP, NH, PdlR, JA & KK
(LH P6)
VP side-swipes the tyre wall in Turn 1 and brings out the yellow flags
1min left; NH, AS, SB, VP, PdlR, KK, JA
Chequered flag
FM is on a hot lap
(JB P8)
(FM P2)
Middle of the grid will be: P11=NH, 12=AS, 13=SB, 14=VP, 15=PdlR, 16=KK, 17=JA

Qualifying session 3 (Q3)
VL is first away followed by RK
VL pits instead of setting a lap time
RK 1:14.712
(RB P2)
(LH P2)
RK looking very quick
RK 1:14.284
5mins gone = 5mins left of Q3 – only 3 drivers set a time so far
(JB P4)
(MW P4)
(VL P5)
JB blocked by FM – penalty for Ferrari?
3mins left; order is RK, LH, RB, JB, MW, FM, VL, MS, NR, SV
(MS P3)
MW 1:14.104
1min left
SV backed off after getting it wrong coming out of the tunnel
MW 1:13.826
(RK P2)
Chequered flag
FM almost taps the barrier in the final turn
(SV P3)
Great fight – the front of the grid will be: MW, RK, SV, FM, LH, NR, MS, JB, RB, VL

Provisional grid: MW, RK, SV, FM, LH, NR, MS, JB, RB, VL, NH, AS, SB, VP, PdlR, KK, JA, HK, JT, TG, LdG, BS, KC & FA

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