Paul Henman photo Photo updates, April 2010

Photo updates, April 2010

Maybe I should just admit defeat? I liked the idea of posting a monthly summary of my photos but I’m only just posting April’s round up and it’s almost the end of June! (Here’s the March post – it’s a long way back in the blog.)

Don’t forget to check out my most viewed photos (which Flickr calls the “most interesting” set) and the other albums @, as well as my monthly round up posts (look for the “photos” tag).

If you’ve only got time to look at one or two photos, check out my “best of” photoblog @ – I only post one picture per week (sometimes less!), so I try to pick a recent shot that I really like.

And if you’re interested in exploring Toronto with your camera, check out (we’re on Flickr and Facebook too!).

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