Paul Henman formula1 British Grand Prix – Race

British Grand Prix – Race

Provisional grid: SV, MW, FA, LH, NR, RK, FM, RB, PdlR, MS, AS, KK, NH, JB, VL*, VP, SB, JA, HK, TG, LdG, KC, SY.

*VL got a 5 grid spot penalty for delaying NH in qualifying, so he’s now in P20

There’s more tension in the Red Bull garages after SV was given the new, improved front wing off MW’s car before qualifying yesterday.

The mechanics clear the grid

SV leads everyone away on the formation lap
SV & MW slow down and back everyone up as they head back onto the grid

01/52 MW attacks his teammate into Turn 1
MW takes P1 from SV
LH has passed FA for P3
SV goes off at Maggotts – rejoins but he’s lost a lot of places
SV tells his team he’s got a right rear puncture

02: MW, LH, RK, NR, FA, RB, MS, JB
FM pits with a right rear puncture
SV pits for new tyres … with the medical car right behind him

03: Fastest lap for MW 1:37.659
NR told no reason to conserve these tyres

04: MW 1:37.113
Replay shows FM’s puncture was caused when he and teammate FA came together

05/52: MW, LH, RK, NR, FA, RB, MS, JB

06: MW f/lap 1:37.056

07: MW f/lap 1:36.617
Replay suggests SV’s puncture was caused by LH’s front wing end-plate

08: MW f/lap 1:36.410
BBC says McLaren are reporting no problems with LH’s car

10/52: MW, LH, RK, NR, FA, RB, MS, JB
RK is about 1.5sec/lap slower than MW & LH – he’s over 15sec behind LH

11: MW f/lap 1:36.117
LdG makes a very slow pit stop
VL is working his way up the field – he’s just passed JT for P16

12: MW f/lap 1:36.091
LH f/lap 1:35.930
MS pits from P7 – rejoins in P15

13: MW is only a few laps away from lapping SV
MW f/lap 1:35.900

14: FA pits, followed by RB & KK
RK pits from P3 – rejoins in P10
LH f/lap 1:35.9598

15/52: NR f/lap 1:35.574
Pit-car for JB tell him his pace is good

16: NR, AS & VP pit

17: LH pits from P2 – 4.6sec stop – rejoins still in P2, just ahead of JB
SB pits too
FA attacks RK – RK slams the door – FA cuts the corner and takes the position – surely he should concede the place? Stewards need to investigate this

18: MW pits from P1 – 4.5s stop – rejoins still clearly ahead of LH
Pit-car radio from RK – the team are going to talk to Charlie [Whiting] about FA’s move

19: LH f/lap 1:35.560
NR takes P5 from JA

20/52: MW f/lap 1:35.301
RK slowing?

21: RK pits … and is pushed into the garage

22: JB pits from P3 – rejoins in P6
Replay of some bodywork flying off NR’s Mercedes

23: MW f/lap 1:35.088 – he’s got a 5.1 sec lead over LH

24: Two of the front-runners still have to pit: NH (P3) & JA (P7)

25: MW f/lap 1:34.619
MW, LH, NH, NR, FA, JB, JA, RB; retirements: RK, LdG
SV passes TG for P18

26: Stewards are investigating incident between cars 8 (FA) & 11 (RK)
Bodywork (part of rear wing?) flying off PdlR’s car

27: Drive through penalty for FA for cutting the corner

28: NH pits from P6
Safety Car deployed … to clear PdlR’s debris?

29[SC]: JA pits, so now everyone’s done their mandatory stop
Pit-car radio for FA telling him to serve his drive-through penalty after the SC pits

30/52[SC]: MW, LH, NR, FA, JB, RB, KK, MS
The SC is bunching everyone up, which means FA’s drive-through penalty will drop him even further
PdlR pits and is pushed into the garage
SC in at end of this lap

31: FA pits to serve his drive-through – rejoins in P16

32: MW f/lap 1:34.555

33: MW f/lap 1:33.948
NH holding off VP & JA
AS passes MS for P7 but loses a piece of bodywork in the process

34: FA pushing SB really hard for P15
SB defending well
SB runs wide and leaves the door wide open for FA to take P15

35/52: MW f/lap 1:33.643
MW, LH, NR, JB, RB, KK, AS, MS; retirements PdlR, RK, LdG

36: MW f/lap 1:33.365
JB closing on NR

37: FA on VL’s tail

38: MW f/lap 1:32.990
FA attacks VL but can’t make it stick

39: SV takes P9 from NH
FA closing on VL again but the Ferrari’s tail seems quite loose

40/52: MW, LH, NR, JB, RB, KK, AS, MS
FM pits – team don’t seem to be ready
Replay shows FM lost the tail in the final turn and almost spun into the pit lane – didn’t have any choice but to enter the pits

41: SV makes a move on MS but can’t make it stick
SV attacks again and takes P8

43: MW f/lap 1:32.906
LH f/lap 1:32.793
MW has a 5.2sec lead over LH, who in turn is 15.6sec ahead of NR

44: MW f/lap 1:32.655
SV harrying AS for P7

45/52: MW, LH, NR, JB, RB, KK, AS, SV; retirements: PdlR, RK, LdG

46: MW f/lap 1:32.364
JA out – he’s beached the Toro Rosso in Luffield

47: Marshals are clearing JA’s car under yellow flags
BBC report JB has been told to conserve fuel but he’s just 0.3sec behind NR

48: AS continues to hold off SV

50/52: MW, LH, NR, JB, RB, KK, AS, SV; retirements: PdlR, RK, LdG
FA pits – puncture – replay shows he made contact with VL

51: SV runs wide and almost falls victim to MS
FM f/lap 1:32.116

52[final lap]: SV makes it past VL for P7
MS takes a look at VL too but can’t make a move
FA f/lap 1:31.044

MW takes the chequered flag
LH home for P2
NR over the line for P3, followed by JB
P5=RB, 6=KK, 7=SV, 8=AS, 9=MS, 10=NH
P11=VL, 12=SB, 13=VP, 14=FA, 15=FM
P16=JT (+1 lap), 17=HK (+1), 18=TG (+2), 19=KC (+2), 20=SY (+2)
DNF: JA, PdlR, RK, LdG.

Pit-car for MW – bit of a lacklustre congrats from Christian Horner; MW replies “not bad for a #2 driver” – ouch!

Great roar from the crowd as Sir Stirling Moss gives Lewis Hamilton the trophy for 2nd place

The driver interviews should be fun – I wonder if MW will bite his tongue

MW: The car was faultless all day; made a good start; keen to make it my corner
LH: Knew I wouldn’t be able to out-pace [the Red Bulls]
NR: Fantastic atmosphere
MW: Got to keep pushing on

Next race: German Grand Prix @ Hockenheim, 23-25 July.

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