Paul Henman formula1 Spanish Grand Prix – Practice

Spanish Grand Prix – Practice

Practice 1 and 2 was fairly uneventful; MW was fastest in both sessions (1:25.142 in P1 and 1:22.470 in P2) followed by SV, NR, FA & SP in P1 and by LH, SV, JB, FA & NR in P2. There are complaints that the hard (prime) tyre compound does provide much grip, and some suggest the soft (option) is 2sec/lap faster – that’s a big difference!

In final practice, SV (1:21.707) beat his Red Bull teammate, followed by MS, LH, JB, NR, KK & VP. About 30mins in to P3 NH’s Renault had a oil leak(?) and he pulled off as it caught fire; VP aborts his lap and heads to the pits so the team can check his car.

(source: BBC)

AS has admitted to being distracted by the imminent court case after he allegedly used a glass to slash the neck of Renault F1 executive Eric Lux in a nightclub after the Chinese Grand Prix.

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