Paul Henman formula1 Hungarian Grand Prix – Qualifying

Hungarian Grand Prix – Qualifying

SV was fastest in final practice (Free Practice 3) but LH was was fastest in FP1 and FP2.

Air temperature 22°C; track 30°C; wind 8.9m/s; humidity 48%

Qualifying 1:
DR is first on track, followed by HRT teammate VL – both are on super-soft (option) tyres
DR 1:28.055
VL 1:27.850
SV 1:22.387 – the front-runners are on the soft (prime) tyres
(MW P2)
(JB P2)
LH 1:21.636
(JB P2)
(SV P2)
10mins left; bottom 7 are FA, TG, JD, HK, DR, VL*, JT* (*outside the 107% time)
Both VL & JT improve their times and are now inside the 107% time
FA 1:21.578
5mins left; bottom 7 are SB, JT, HK, TG, DR, JD, VL
3mins left; top 6 are in the pits but everyone else is on track
(SB P17, relegating PM)
(HK P19, jumping JT)
Chequered flag
Back of the grid: SB*, HK, JT, TG, VL, DR, JD
*SB has a 5 grid spot penalty waiting for him from the German Grand Prix.

Qualifying 2:
Q2 has started; pit exit lights are green but no-one is in any rush to get on track
2mins gone; finally PD is first to leave the pits
Pit-car radio for SV reminding him to use KERS as he starts his fast lap
LH on track – he’s on the prime tyres but JB (and SV) is on the faster options
PD 1:23.476
SV 1:21.095
(LH P2)
MW 1:20.890
JB 1:20.578
Pit-car for FA telling him to do 3 timed laps on the super-soft options
FA 1:20.262
5mins left; bottom 7 are SP, JA, KK, PD, AS, RB, PM
SP is the only one on track at the moment
3mins left; RB exits the pits
(SP P8, relegating NH to P!1)
Pit-car discussion with RB re: KERS – seems someone’s disabled it!
1min left
(RB P11)
(AS P8, pushing MS to P11)
Chequered flag
(PD P10, moving VP to P11)
(MS P8; PD to P11)
(KK P13)
Middle of the grid: PD, VP, KK, NH, RB, JA, PM

Qualifying 3:
Top 10 shootout is between FA, JB, MW, SV, FM, LH, NR, MS, AS & SP
FA first to exit the pits; he’s on super-softs (as they all will be)
JB heads for the track, followed by LH
FA 1:20.365
LH 1:19.978 despite struggling with oversteer in the last few turns
(JB P3)
(FM P4)
(SV P2)
(MW P6)
4mins left; order is LH, SV, FA, JB, FM, MW; AS, MS, NR, SP yet to set a time
Pit-car for MW saying KERS has now come to life but only to discharge – it won’t recharge
2mins left; everyone heads out for a flying lap
Chequered flag
(FA doesn’t improve)
SV 1:19.815
(LH doesn’t improve)
(JB P3)
(MW doesn’t improve)
(FM P4, ahead of his teammate)
Front of the grid: SV, LH, JB, FM, FA, MW, NR, AS, MS, SP*
*SP didn’t set a time in Q3 so he can choose which tyres to start the race

Provisional grid: SV, LH, JB, FM, FA, MW, NR, AS, MS, SP, PD, VP, KK, NH, RB, JA, PM, [SB*] HK, JT, TG, VL, DR, SB, JD
*SB’s 5 grid spot penalty from Germany drops him to P23.

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