Paul Henman formula1 Indian Grand Prix – race

Indian Grand Prix – race

With 3 penalties to be applied after Qualifying, it was hard to calculate the grid positions … and then 2 more penalties were added: NK for impeding MS in Q1 (5 grid spots) and DR

So, the grid is: SV, MW, FA, JB, LH*, FM, NR, AS, SB, JA, MS, PD, PM, BS, RB, VP*, KK, HK, JT, SP*, JD, TG, DR*, NK*. (*indicates penalty applied)

SV leads everyone away off the dusty grid
Pit-car radio telling PD that the 3 cars in front of him are starting on soft tyres; he’s on the hard compound
Long wait as the grid forms up

01/60: Contact in Turn 1 – RB, KK, TG involved
More contact in Turn 2 – JT spins around
JB past MW for P2

02: SV, JB, MW, FA, FM, LH, NR, MS
Replay shows KK take out TG as he (KK) rejoined in Turn 1

04: SV already has a 2.6sec lead over JB
TG has parked his car in the garage and retired
DRS enabled

05/60: SV, JB, MW, FA, FM, LH, NR, MS; retirements: TG, KK
MW attacking JB but JB pushes the Red Bull wide and keeps P2 for now

06: SV’s lead now 4.2secs

07: SV fastest lap 1:31.834

09: SV f/lap 1:31.308
JA makes a nice move on BS to take P10

10/60: SV, JB, MW, FA, FM, LH, NR, MS, AS, JA

12: JB f/lap 1:31.070
JB slowly dropping MW and closing on SV

13: JB f/lap 1:31.033

14: PM has stopped off track – gearbox failure?
JA takes P9 from AS


17: MW, FA and LH pit
That’s one really dusty pit lane!

19: JB pits – rejoins still in P2
MS pits too

20/60: SV pits – clean but not super quick stop – rejoins still with a healthy lead
FM f/lap 1:30.243

21: MS down the inside of BS for P8 (BS has yet to pit)

22: SV f/lap 1:30.058

23: FM runs wide in Turn 1
LH gets right up onto the gearbox of FM’s Ferrari

24: LH still all over FM
LH down the inside – FM turns in and makes contact – both wave their hands

25/60: SV, JB, MW, FA, FM, LH, NR, MS, JA, SB; retirements: PM, TG, KK
LH pits for new front wing – he’s down to P9

26: SB off track – engine failure?
Incident involving cars 3 (LH) and 6 (FM) under investigation
Pit-car radio from LH claiming FM didn’t give him any space [radio comms are usually delayed]

27: Marshals pretty efficiently clearing SB’s Toro Rosso under yellow flags

29: FA f/lap 1:29.568

30/60: SV f/lap 1:29.510
Drive-through penalty for car 6 (FM) for causing the accident

31: Pit-car radio telling LH that FM has been given a penalty; wish we could have heard the reply
FM serves his drive-through penalty – rejoins in P7, just ahead of LH

32: FA f/lap 1:29.036
FM pits – changing the nose as well as tyres
VP runs wide, kicks up lots of dust, but catches it and brings the Renault back under control

34: FM runs a fraction wide, clouts an orange kerb and breaks his front-left suspension

35/60: SV, JB, MW, FA, NR, MS, LH, JA, BS, AS; retirements: FM, SB, PM, TG, KK

38: MW pits from P3 – hard tyres – rejoins P4

40/60: SV, JB, FA, MW, NR, MS, LH
FA pits from P3 – hard tyres – rejoins just ahead of MW

41: MW pushing FA hard for P3
MW over-drives it and lets FA pull away a little

42: JB lapping faster than SV and closing slowly on the Red Bull

43: RB takes P15 from NK

44: SV’s lead over JB is ~5secs

45/60: SV breaks the record for the number of laps led in a season!

46: LH pits
JB pits too – forcefully claims the apex from the HRT

47: SV pits – clean stop – still clearly ahead of JB

49: MW runs wide but returns to the track

50/60: SV, JB, FA, MW, MS, NR, LH, JA, BS, AS; retirements: FM, SB, PM, TG, KK

51: MS pits from P5 – rejoins still in P5, ahead of his teammate

53: Pit-car radio for MS telling him he’s 1.5sec ahead of NR; “you’re free to race but keep it clean”!

54: SV f/lap 1:27.922

55/60: SV, JB, FA, MW, MS, NR, LH, JA, BS, AS; retirements: FM, SB, PM, TG, KK

56: SV f/lap 1:27.782

57: VP harrying SP for P11

58: BS finally pits for his remaining set of tyres; drops from P9 to P12

59: VP still not quite close enough to attack SP
MW has closed right up on FA but it’s too late

60/60 = final lap: SV f/lap 1:27.457
Pit-car radio for SV, trying to get him to bring it home safely
SV takes the chequered flag
JB over the line for P2
FA holds off MW for P3
P5=MS, 6=NR, 7=LH, 8=JA, 9=AS, 10=SP
P11=VP, 12=BS, 13=PD, 14=HK, 15=RB, 16=JD, 17=NK, 18=DR, 19=JT

Provisional result: SV, JB, FA, MW, MS, NR, LH, 8A, AS, SP, VP, BS, PD, HK, RB, JD, NK, DR, JT.

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  1. Williams’ Pastor Maldonado is set to drop ten places on the grid at the forthcoming 2011 Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Maldonado will have to use his ninth engine of the season at Yas Marina.

    The rules state that each driver may use no more than eight V8s during a championship campaign and, if they do need to use additional units, they will incur a grid penalty.

    But the damage inflicted on the Venezuelan’s eighth engine, following the gearbox failure that led to his early retirement in India at the weekend, means he will have to make use of a ninth engine in Abu Dhabi.

    [source: FIA]

  2. 2011 Drivers’ Championship

    1 S Vettel 374
    2 J Button 240
    3 F Alonso 227
    4 M Webber 221
    5 L Hamilton 202
    6 F Massa 98
    7 N Rosberg 75
    8 M Schumacher 70
    9 V Petrov 36
    10 N Heidfeld 34

    2011 Constructors’ Championship

    1 Red Bull 595
    2 McLaren 442
    3 Ferrari 325
    4 Mercedes 145
    5 Renault 72
    6 Force India 51
    7= Sauber 41
    7= Toro Rosso 41
    9 Williams 5
    10= Lotus 0
    10= Virgin 0
    10= Hispania 0

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