Paul Henman formula1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – Race

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – Race

Qualifying did not go well for Williams: Maldonado had a 10 grid-spot penalty because he needed to take a new engine, and Barrichello failed to set a lap time in Q1 due to an oil leak.

Grid: SV, LH, JB, MW, FA, FM, NR, MS, AS, PD, SP, VP, SB, BS, JA, KK, HK, JT, TG, DR, JD, VL, PM, RB.

Air temperature 26°C; track 31°C; humidity 57%; wind 3.5m/s. Unusually track temperature will drop during the race, as the sun sets.

BBC point out that the Toro Rossos are starting slightly further back in their grid slot, so that they can lay down more rubber for the start.

SV leads everyone around on the formation lap

01/55: FM around the outside of MW for P4
SV off with a puncture – rejoins right at the back
NR and MS fighting over P6
FA steals P2 from JB

02: LH, FA, JB, MW, FM, NR, MS, AS, SP
SV struggling to get back to the pits without inflicting too much damage to his car
Red Bull team check over the car and tell SV to turn it off – looks like the rear suspension is broken

03: DRS enabled
SP pits – new nose cone

04: LH fastest lap 1:47.134
MW down the inside of JB to take P3 … but JB can now activate DRS and reclaims the position

05/55: FA f/lap 1:46.782

06: Looks like there’s something flapping under MW’s car

07: Bernie chatting with SV as he tries to understand what happened in Turn 2

08: JB falling back slowly from FA but he’s opened just enough of a gap that MW can’t use DRS

10/55: LH, FA, JB, MW, FM, NR, MS, AS, PD, SB; retirements: SV

11: AS closing up to MS
3-abreast as KK passes VL and DR – contact between the 2 HRTs

12: Pit-car radio from PD saying he’s losing traction – he’s on the harder compound

13: FA f/lap 1:45.944
MW closing on JB
Pit-car from JB saying “it’s still a problem”

14: SB down the inside of PD to take P7

15/55: LH, FA, JB, MW, FM, MS, AS, PD
PD and SB battling over P9
BBC report JB has a KERS failure and is trying to reboot the system!
MW attacks down the inside, takes P3 but JB immediately cuts back and reclaims his spot

16: FM pits – new set of option (soft) tyres
MW closes up but can’t attack JB this time

17: LH pits, as does FA; they rejoin in the same order
JB pits too

18: MW pits – slow stop – that’s let FM through
VP loses the tail into Turn 17 and runs wide, letting MS past

19: SB exits the pits – looks unhappy with the car

20/55: LH, FA, JB, FM, MW, NR, SB, PD, MS, PM
Pit-car for PD confirming their strategy is to 1-stop, then he’ll be on the soft tyres when everyone else is on the hard compound
MS blasts past PD
SB pits again … and retires the Toro Rosso

21: VP catching his teammate (BS) for P12
BS pits, releasing VP

23: JB still has KERS problems

24: FA about 3.5secs behind LH
FM about 2secs behind JB

25/55: LH, FA, JB, FM, MW, NR, AS, MS, PD; retirements: SB, JD, SV
LH held up slightly as he laps some back markers

27: PM runs wide in the pit exit, which wouldn’t usually be a problem but here it’s downhill then turns underneath Turn 1

28: JB still having problems with KERS
PD finally gets to pit for new rubber

29: FM closing up on JB – he’ll soon be within the DRS zone
Incident involving car 12 (PM) for ignoring blue flags

30/55: Drive-through penalty for PM
LH f/lap 1:44.652
FM runs a little wide, just before the DRS activation zone
MW attacks, passes FM for P4
FM fights back but MW holds the position
Now FM can use DRS
FM takes back P4

31: LH f/lap 1:44.511

32: PM serves his drive-through penalty
JB has his KERS working again 🙂
PM passes JA but that holds up FM – will PM get another penalty?

33: JB has started to open the gap over FM now he has KERS again
FM passes PM but PM takes the apex and blocks MW
PM jumps off the track (causing the marshals to step back) and lets MW through, but I think it’s too late to avoid another penalty

35/55: LH, FA, JB, FM, MW, NR, AS, MS, RB, PD; retirements: SB, JD, SV
Incident involving cars 12 (PM) and 19 (JA) under investigation – ignoring blue flags

36: RB pits – new options
MW pits – options – that means he has to pit once more for the prime tyres

37: JB pits – primes
Incident involving car 9 (BS) under investigation – ignoring blue flags
BS given a drive-through penalty

38: Track temperature down to 29°C
MS clips a kerb and kicks off some bodywork – looks like the dummy camera
BS serves his penalty

39: LH’s lead still about 4secs over FA
MW f/lap 1:43.671
SP takes P10 from VP

40/55: LH, FA, FM, NR, JB, MW, MS, AS, PD, SP (JB doesn’t have to stop again)
LH’s lead down to 3.2secs

41: LH pits
FM pits – exit slowed by HK?
MW attacking JB for P4

42: RB making LH fight to lap him – LH gesticulates at RB

43: MW takes P4 from JB – MW will have to stop again though
MS pits – using all the track and more

44: FA pits but has an HRT in front of him in the pit entrance – rejoins well behind LH
BBC say FA’s car was rocking as the team tried to change the tyres
MW f/lap 1:43.333

45/55: LH, FA, NR, MW, JB, FM, MS, AS, PD, SP; retirements: SB, JD, SV
Slow-motion replay shows PM lose a winglet (or did he kick it up?) and then FM collects it on his front wing
MW f/lap 1:43.183
MW right on the tail of NR but doesn’t attack right away
MW finally makes the pass for P3

46: LH’s gap over FA is now over 5secs
JA takes P15 from BS

47: LH closing in on the Saubers which are battling for P10
KK takes P10 from SP

48: MW f/lap 1:42.907 – he’s got to keep pushing to make time for his final tyre change
JB now on NR’s tail – NR should pit soon

49: NR pits, releasing JB
NR hits the front jackman quite hard
FM spins, rejoins

50/55: LH, FA, MW, JB, FM, NR, MS, AS, PD, KK
MW f/lap 1:42.830

51: Pit-car radio for MW telling him of FM’s spin
BBC report that McLaren are concerned that MW may still challenge JB for P3 once he (MW) pits
JB under 10secs behind MW, so he ought to be safe

52: MW f/lap 1:42.612
DR has parked his HRT off track

53: MW still improving his sector times but a yellow flag means he can’t set faster lap times (without risking penalty)

54: MW will have to pit at the end of this lap; looks like he’ll rejoin ahead of FM

55/55 = final lap: Red Bull team prepare for MW
MW pits – finally takes on the prime tyre – rejoins safely in P4

LH takes the chequered flag
FA over the line for P2
JB home in P3
MW holds on to P4

Pit-car radio for LH – “superbly controlled race”; LH dedicates it to his mum, for her birthday 🙂

MS parks his Mercedes off track

Provisional result: LH, FA, JB, MW, FM, NR, MS, AS, PD, KK (+1 lap), SP, RB, VP, PM, JA, BS, HK, JT (+2 laps), TG, VL

LH jumps out of parc ferme to celebrate with his team and his mum

There’s still a pending investigation for cars 12 (PM) and 19 (JA) – ignoring blue flags

Nice to see two Union Flags hoisted over the podium 🙂
LH looks little teary eyed
Happiest we’ve seen LH in a long time
LH didn’t even wait for the dignitaries to leave the podium before he started spraying

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  1. Post-race update (which is why I always say it’s the “Provisional result”):

    Williams’ Pastor Maldonado and Toro Rosso’s Jaime Alguersuari have been given post-race time penalties by the Abu Dhabi stewards. Both were punished for ignoring blue flags during Sunday’s Grand Prix at Yas Marina.

    Alguersuari was handed a drive-through penalty, but as it was awarded after the race the Spaniard instead had 20 seconds added to his race time.

    Maldonado, meanwhile, had already received a drive-through penalty for ignoring blue flags earlier in the race and so was given a stop-go penalty for his second offence. As it too was awarded post-race, it was converted into 30 seconds added to the Venezuelan’s race time.

    Maldonado’s and Alguersuari’s 14th and 15th place finishes are unaffected by the penalties.

    [source: FIA]

  2. 2011 Drivers’ Championship

    1 S Vettel 374
    2 J Button 255
    3 F Alonso 245
    4 M Webber 233
    5 L Hamilton 227
    6 F Massa 108
    7 N Rosberg 83
    8 M Schumacher 76
    9 V Petrov 36
    10= N Heidfeld 34
    10= A Sutil 34

    2011 Constructors’ Championship

    1 Red Bull 607
    2 McLaren 482
    3 Ferrari 353
    4 Mercedes 159
    5 Renault 72
    6 Force India 57
    7 Sauber 42
    8 Toro Rosso 41
    9 Williams 5
    10= Lotus 0
    10= Virgin 0
    10= Hispania 0

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