Paul Henman formula1 Hungarian Grand Prix – Practice

Hungarian Grand Prix – Practice

Yet again there’s rain forecast for a race weekend! A dry practice session, though, will mean the teams will finally get a chance to test some of their new developments.

Rumour is that Red Bull won’t be using the controversial engine mapping … although it’s all hearsay as there’s no way for anyone other than the team and the FIA to tell. [BBC Sports]

It’s a very twisty circuit, which could mean the slower cars have a chance to fight with the front runners.

The DRS zone is along the main straight; the speed trap is at the end of the straight, just before Turn 1.

Free Practice 1
KR 1:25.117
JB 1:24.137
LH 1:23.941
A few lock-ups in Turn 1, at the end of the DRS zone
LH was fastest (1:22.021) followed by McLaren teammate JB, FA, NR, MS

Practice 2
BS 1:27.605
PM 1:27.518
NR 1:26.609
KK 1:25.365
RG 1:24.110
KR 1:22.950
RG takes too much kerb, chops back across the track, into the armco barrier; loses his front wing
SP almost runs into the rear of NK – NK was blue flagged and slowed to let the Sauber past but instead SP just missed him then gesticulated furiously
FA 1:22.899
FM 1:22.831
Radio for HK suggesting they use the option (soft) tyre before the rain comes
Official weather forecast says there is rain near the circuit but not if/when it’ll arrive
30mins in to FP2 = 60mins left
Radio for MS saying light rain expect in about 10 minutes
JB 1:22.747
FA 1:22.582
LH on a quick lap but aborts it when he catches a Marussia
KR 1:22.180
Halfway through FP2
LH 1:21.995
Radio from MS saying it’s starting to rain; team say they think it’ll be very light
HK slides off, across the gravel; rejoins; heads slowly back to the pits
The rain looks heavier than Mercedes’ forecast
Everyone tiptoes back to the pits – even KK on inters
30mins left; rain is easing up
A few people braving the weather; some going out on inters, some on full wets
MS on inters – aquaplanes straight on at a turn, slowly into the tyre wall; he’s quickly out of the car
Replay shows there was no way he could slow his Mercedes for that corner
TG looks like he’s following MS, aquaplaning towards the tyre wall, but regains traction just in time
JB stopped before the end of the pit lane; McLaren team running over, to push him back to the garage
TG runs wide again
Speed commentators report JB was told to stop because a mechanic thought he’d left a tool on the rear wing! (He didn’t, but better safe than sorry)
VP runs wide – there’s still a lot of standing water around the track
15mins left of FP2
NR runs wide; there may be a dry line on some sections but still wet elsewhere
BS runs wide too, as does FM … and then so do many others
Less than 2mins left; race control announce DRS enabled again
LH fastest (1:21.995) followed by KR, BS, FM, FA, JB, PRe, SV, RG, MS

Practice 3
It’s a warm, dry final practice session; forecast for the race is still calling for a huge downpour
MW fastest (1:21.550) followed by LH, SV, BS, FA, KR, RG, FM

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  1. Good news: “Maria de Villota has been released from hospital after it was established she had suffered no neurological damage from her testing crash.” [source: BBC]

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