Silly season 2012

It happens every year – it’s just a matter of when the first move will happen and then it kicks off the rest of the silly season. Well, it’s happened – Lewis Hamilton is going to drive for Mercedes next season, so the rest of the house of cards will now fall.

  • LH to Mercedes; presumably that means MS is out – he ought to retire (again) but maybe one of the new teams will snap him up for one season to help them develop their car?

    Lewis Hamilton will on Friday bring to an end one of the most controversial and long-running transfer sagas in Formula One history by announcing that he is leaving McLaren, the team he has been with over half his life, for rivals Mercedes in a three-year deal which could be worth as much as $100million (£61.6million).

    [source: Daily Telegraph]

  • Who will take LH’s seat at McLaren? Probably Perez or maybe Paul Di Resta.

In other news, “Formula 1 teams have written to governing body the FIA expressing their concerns about proposed changes to the way the sport is run.” [source: BBC] Bernie is squeezing the teams for more money and trying to take even more control – not exactly what you could call out of character, but hopefully the teams will stand up to the poison dwarf.