Paul Henman formula1 Austrian Grand Prix – Qualifying

Austrian Grand Prix – Qualifying

After the spectacular end to the Canadian Grand Prix, in which MAS and PER went off at high speed on the penultimate lap, PER appealed the 5 grid spot penalty but it was upheld.

CHI also has a three-place grid penalty for his lap one crash with Marussia team mate BIA.

Fastest in free practice:

  • FP1: ROS (1:11.295), HAM, ALO, MAS, BUT
  • FP2: HAM (1:09.542), ROS, ALO, BOT, MAS
  • FP3: BOT (1:09.848), HAM, MAS, KVY, ROS

Air temperature 17°C; track 32°C: wind 1.5m/s; humidity 44%

Tyre compounds: prime=soft (yellow), options=supersoft (red) – same as Monaco and Canada.

Qualifying session 1 (Q1)
VER, HUL and KVY are first out of the pit lane
Radio from BUT – sounds like a problem with the gearbox
VER 1:11.886
KVY 1:10.854
HUL 1:10.838
ALO 1:10.671
HAM 1:09.762
BUT runs wide in Turn 1
Car 8 (GRO) time disallowed – track limits; same for 77 (BOT), 10 (KOB) and 26 (KVY)
The drivers have all been warned about running wide in Turn 8 – qualifying times will be discounted and they’ll pick up a penalty in the race
HAM 1:09.514
Car 21 (GUT) time disallowed – track limits
Ditto for 14 (ALO)
5mins left of Q1; bottom 6 are GUT, CHI, MAL KOB, GRO, ERI
Only a few cars still on the soft primes
Car 99 (SUT) time disallowed – track limits; also 17 (BIA) and 9 (ERI)
Chequered flag; bottom 6 are SUT, GUT, BIA, CHI, KOB, ERI
ERI improves his time but still P22
KOB to P20
Back of the grid: SUT, GUT, BIA, KOB, CHI*, ERI
CHI’s 3-spot penalty will mean he’ll start P22

Qualifying session 2 (Q2)
Expecting to see everyone on options (supersoft compound) in Q2
HUL first on track, followed by teammate PER
BUT held momentarily as he peels out of his garage
HUL 1:09.828
MAG 1:09.524 – that was a very tidy lap
ALO runs wide, onto the grass coming out of the final turn (T9)
MAS 1:09.239
BOT 1:09.096
HAM 1:09.092 even though it looked like he backed off in the last couple of turns
ROS 1:08.974
VET can only manage P12 on their home track
5mins left of Q2; bottom 6 are HUL, VET, MAL, RAI, VER, GRO
Radio from ROS – lot of understeer at high speed; asked if he wants to run again
2mins left; bottom 6 are RIC, BUT, VET, MAL, VER, GRO
GRO had just improved his time but adjudged to run wide in Turn 8; time disallowed
VET still P13
Chequered flag; bottom 6 are PER, BUT, VET, MAL, VER, GRO
VET only up to P12
BUT takes P12
Middle of the grid: PER*, BUT, VET, MAL, VER, GRO
PER will start P16 thanks to his penalty from Canada

Qualifying session 3 (Q3)
The top 10 battle is between ROS, HAM, BOT, MAS, MAG, ALO, KVY, HUL, RIC & RAI
Only 4 drivers have been in Q3 every race this season: ROS, HAM, ALO & RIC
Green light but no rush to get on track
ALO then MAG head out
Everyone will be on options, of course
ALO 1:16.056 – what happened there?
MAG 1:13.987
(RIC P2)
BOT 1:08.846
(ALO P2)
(MAG P3)
(RIC P3)
(MAS P2)
HAM wide in T8; time disallowed
(ROS P2)
5mins left of Q3; order is BOT, ROS, MAS, ALO, RIC, MAG, KVY; no time for HAM, HUL or RAI
(RAI P8)
Faster time for RAI but still P8
HAM off track
Chequered flag
MAS 1:08.759
HUL loses his time
Replay shows HAM braking into Turn 2; tail suddenly snapped around
Front of the grid: MAS, BOT, ROS, ALO, RIC, MAG, KVY, RAI, HAM, HUL

So Williams are P1 and P2 – that’s unexpected!

PER will start P16 thanks to his penalty from Canada, and CHI’s 3-spot penalty will mean he’ll start P22.

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