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Grand Prix of Canada – Qualifying

It’s two weeks after the Monaco Grand Prix but there is still talk of Verstappen’s collision with Grosjean. BBC reports that GRO is “disappointed” that VES hasn’t apologised to him. Instead VES said “What happened will not change me as a racing driver”. The official outcome of the incident is that VES has a five-place grid penalty for this weekend. These things happen and the drivers should move on; VES needs to learn to keep quiet and it all would have blown over by now.

Ferrari and McLaren (Honda) have some engine updates for this weekend; will they be able to close on Mercedes?

Tyre choices: prime=soft (yellow lettering), option=super-soft (red).

Free Practice 1: BUT’s McLaren is stuck in second gear. Apparently some tape running across the pit lane has been partly removed, leaving beneath a number of large metal shards [BBC] – they are right outside Max Verstappen’s garage, which makes one wonder if there’s a link to the Monaco incident? HAM spins in the hairpin; SAI and BOT also spin separately. SAI then has a problem getting out of the pit lane; mechanics push him back into the Toro Rosso garage. HAM was fastest (1:16.212) followed by ROS, GRO, HUL, VET, MAS & KVY.

FP2: rain expected about 30 minutes into this session. HAM runs wide as he closes on GRO. HUL picks up a puncture. HAM pushing hard; nearly hit the Wall of Champions. Rain arrives. Red Bull team boss Christian Horner tells the BBC that they will venture out to get some wet-weather data; “The forecast for Sunday is dry but you never know.” HAM on intermediate tyres aquaplanes off into the tyre wall; red flags mean the session is suspended. HAM is OK but his car is lifted behind the barrier so FP2 is over for him. Should HAM have been on full wets rather than inters? Is that another strategy error from Mercedes? Rain is getting heavier. HAM stays top of the timings (1:15.988) ahead of VET, RAI, ROS, MAL, BOT & GRO.

FP3: NAS crashed, bringing out the red flags. BUT’s McLaren gave up on him coming out of Turn 7; red flags again while his car is recovered. (McLaren tweet that the car “suffered ERS-related failure”.) HAM struggled to get his tyres up to temperature, and ended up slowest of all in this session. ALO had an engine change and only managed one timed lap (although he was quicker than HAM). ROS was quickest (1:15.660) followed by RAI, GRO, BOT, PER, KVY, MAS, VET, SAI & MAL. (HAM’s best was 1:21.492, nearly 6 seconds off his teammate!)

Weather forecast for Montreal is warm and sunny, although it is quite windy.

Breaking news just before Qualifying starts – McLaren have announced that BUT will not be taking part in Quali following that ERS problem.

As I mentioned above, VES was given a 5 grid-spot penalty for causing the collision with GRO. Well, he’s been given an additional 10 grid-spot penalty for using his fifth engine. [FIA]

Qualifying session 1 (Q1)
ALO waiting at pit exit; does a practice start
Radio for MAS confirming he’ll do 5 timed laps
ALO 1:18.752 despite oversteer out of the final turn nearly put him into the Wall of Champions
BOT 1:18.333
Radio for VET telling him to box (pit) – problem with MGUH (hybrid recovery system)
RAI 1:17.403
HAM 1:16.395
RAI P2 after riding the kerbs through the final chicane
HAM 1:15.979
Yellow flags – MAL spins in Turn 1; had to be pushed off the kerbs by the marshals
ROS 1:15.893
VET still in the Ferrari garage – he’s yet to set a time
Radio for ALO telling him he’s P12 but “everything to play for” because there’s only a small gap from P9 down to P13
HAM cuts the final chicane
5mins left of Q1; bottom 5 are MAS, STE, MER, VET (no time) and BUT (not running in Q1)
MAL goes P3 on options (super-soft)
VET leaving the pit lane with under 3mins left of Q1 – he’s on options – only time for 1 flying lap
GRO 1:15.833
VET has tons of oversteer coming out of Turn 1 as he starts his quick lap
Radio from MAS “No power! No power! Unbelievable”
VET only manages P16 but he crossed the line just before the end of Q1
Chequered flag; bottom 5 are VET, MAS, MER, STE & BUT
VET pushing for a faster lap
If VET improves, he’ll push ALO to P16 … but VET stays P16
So that’s a Ferrari and a Williams out!
Radio for VET telling him he’s P16; VET’s response is bleeped
Back of the grid: VET, MAS, MER, STE, BUT*
*BUT will have to get approval from the stewards to take part in the race

Qualifying session 2 (Q2)
NAS 1:17.107
VES 1:16.692
MAL 1:16.414
GRO 1:15.916
RAI 1:15.602
MAL locks up his front left into Turn 1 but still makes the apex
HAM 1:14.661 despite being a bit cautious through the final chicane
ROS P2 by 0.012sec
5mins left of Q2; bottom 5 are SAI, VES, NAS, ALO, ERI
MAL locks up again, same spot
Radio from ROS asking if he’s going out again; told they’ve decided to save a set of tyres
NAS locks up into the final chicane; hits the kerb hard and bounces through it
Chequered flag
ALO only up to P13
VES to P12
KVY jumps from P11 to P8; relegates SAI
Middle of the grid: SAI, VES*, ERI, ALO, NAS
*Because VES can’t take all 15 grid spots of his two penalties, he’ll get a 10 second penalty added to his pit stop in addition to starting at the back of the grid

Qualifying session 3 (Q3)
Top 10 shootout is between HAM, ROS, GRO, RAI, BOT, MAL, HUL, KVY, PER & RIC
HUL 1:16.110
RAI 1:15.126
HAM 1:14.393 despite having two bites at turning in to the final chicane
Radio from ROS – no grip in the rear; told expect next set to be better
5mins left of Q3; order is HAM, ROS, RAI, GRO, MAL, BOT, HUL, KVY, PER, RIC (no time)
Radio for RAI – time and fuel for 2 timed laps
The two Lotus cars (GRO and MAL) released at the same time; drive down pit lane side by side; penalty for unsafe release?
Exit the pit lane still side by side; eventually GRO lets MAL go first
RAI improves his time but still P3
HUL still P7
Chequered flag
HAM doesn’t improve his time, but nor does ROS
Front of the grid: HAM, ROS, RAI, BOT, GRO, MAL, HUL, KVY, RIC, PER

HAM (driver #44) takes his 44th pole; 6th of this season
Radio from ROS – “rubbish end of the qualifying”

*BUT will have to get approval from the stewards to take part in the race
*VES will start from the back of the grid, and have a 10 second time penalty added to his pit stop

5 thoughts on “Grand Prix of Canada – Qualifying”

  1. HAM “It felt amazing. It wasn’t the easiest of days. ”
    ROS: “The race is tomorrow and there’s good chances to overtake. It’s not over yet.”

  2. “Sebastian Vettel has been handed a five-place grid penalty after being found to have passed Roberto Merhi’s Marussia while under red flags in FP3 in Canada.” … “He was summoned by the stewards shortly after qualifying, accused of passing Merhi – who was also called to provide his account – between Turns 12 and 13 while red flags were flying during final practice. Vettel admitted the charge and was duly punished with his grid demotion and three penalty points.” [FIA]

  3. Penalties: VES, VET
    DNQ: BUT was granted permission to start the race by the stewards.

  4. “McLaren’s Jenson Button is expected to take a drive-through penalty during Sunday’s Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada 2015 for using new engine elements, following the failure that halted his car in final practice and ruled him out of Montreal qualifying.” … “Using the extra engine elements means a 15-place grid penalty (10 places for the first element, and five for the second), but as Button is already last in the starting order, the penalty is converted to a drive-through.” [FIA]

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