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Email server on Mac Mini

I set up postfix email server on my Mac mini some time ago but I recently wiped & reinstalled El Capitan (OS X 10.11.1) on that machine when I replaced the HDD with a SSD, so here’s how I did it. I’ve italicised where you need to enter your own specific info. The main sources for my info were:

Note: this configuration has evolved over a few years, so there may be some redundant settings.

  • Append to /etc/postfix/
    relayhost = []:587
    myhostname = $HOSTNAME
    mydomain = yourDomainName
    myorigin = $mydomain
    smtp_use_tls = yes
    smtpd_tls_session_cache_database = btree:${data_directory}/smtpd_scache
    smtp_tls_session_cache_database = btree:${data_directory}/smtp_scache
    smtp_tls_note_starttls_offer = yes
    smtp_tls_CApath = /etc/certificates
    smtp_sasl_auth_enable = yes
    smtp_sasl_password_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/sasl_passwd
    smtp_sasl_security_options = noanonymous
    smtp_sasl_mechanism_filter = plain
    smtp_sasl_tls_security_options = noanonymous

  • vi /etc/postfix/smtp_tls_sites MAY

  • vi /etc/postfix/tls_policy
    []:587 encrypt

  • vi /etc/postfix/sasl_passwd

  • chmod 600 /etc/postfix/sasl_passwd
  • postmap /etc/postfix/sasl_passwd
  • postmap /etc/postfix/smtp_tls_sites
  • % sudo openssl s_client -starttls smtp -crlf -connect -showcerts < /dev/null | sed -n '/-BEGIN /,/-END /p' | sudo sh -c 'cat > /etc/certificates/relayhost.pem’
  • % sudo postfix start
  • % date | mail yourEmailAddress
  • % mailq

One problem I haven’t yet resolved is having postfix start automatically after booting OS X. I had this working with previous versions of OS X but El Capitan introduced System Integrity Protection which means I can’t easily update the postfix property list (plist) in /System/Library/LaunchDaemons.

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