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The Mac apps I install first

I’ve seen a few people post lists of their favourite/essential apps, so here’s mine 🙂

When I’m setting up a new Mac, or reinstalling macOS on my Mac mini or MacBook Pro, I have a list of the apps that I install first:

  1. Chrome – I could use Safari for the first few downloads, but I move to Chrome as soon as I can
  2. password manager (e.g. 1Password, LastPass), because everything needs a strong password
  3. cloud storage (e.g. BackBlaze, Dropbox, GoogleDrive), as it takes a while to restore all my data; I restore my ~/bin folder first because has a ton of useful scripts
  4. Bartender for keeping my menu bar neat and tidy
  5. Downcast podcast player, from the App Store – it syncs with iOS
  6. Moom, also from the App Store, for resizing apps
  7. VLC – doesn’t everyone use this?
  8. Next Meeting, from the App Store, shows upcoming calendar entries in the menu bar
  9. Adobe Lightroom
  10. homebrew then install lolcat & cowsay because I like my terminal sessions to be amusing!

Of course there’s also the stuff I use for work, but this is enough for me 🙂
This list used to be a lot longer but macOS has come a long way and I’m using the default apps more and more.

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