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Toronto Wolfpack vs Dewsbury Rams

Toronto Wolfpack‘s social media is very active – for this game, they’d announced there was going to be a beach party theme so it wasn’t a surprise to see beach balls in the stands. [Find them on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram]

I took my camera out for the first time in ages, thanks to the improvements in my shoulder after a few chiro sessions with Matt. As well as getting some decent shots, I thought it would be a good chance to see how I hold up before moving up to the big lens that I need for Indy. [My photos on Flickr]

The final result (64-12) makes it appear more one-sided than it was, I think. The game definitely had a lot of great action, and then at half-time there was a brief introduction to cricket when a couple of batsmen hit some balls thrown by fans.

Post-game, Andy & I stumbled across a neat little Indian restaurant called Maurya; very tasty.

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