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Back online again

I don’t know precisely what caused this blog to die, but a WordPress update I ran at the weekend which worked fine on the other blogs that I administer took a dislike to this one and corrupted it!

Having recently written about the importance of backups, I’m expecting some people are wondering why it took so long for me to get it back online. Well, the strange thing is that when I restored the previous day’s backup it still wouldn’t work. I know the blog was fine right up to the moment I updated WordPress, so I’m not sure why that (and older) backups gave me the same problems.

In the end I wiped the whole WP installation. I reinstalled WP and then imported my blog’s posts, pages, comments, etc. As far as I can tell the only real difference between importing and restoring is that it didn’t bring back the plugins and themes (layouts), so I assume the problem relates to one of them.

Anyway, is mostly back – I can’t get the Lifestream plugin to work (won’t let me add any sources). I also removed the “/blog” directory from the URL so some stats are wrong, e.g. the number of tweets per post, which isn’t important. The main thing is that the old URLs (with “/blog” in them) will still work with the new location.

If you spot anything odd with the blog then please leave me a comment.

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