Paul Henman formula1 50 days to go

50 days to go

It’s fifty days until the first race of the 2021 F1 season… fingers crossed! I was hoping to post this last weekend but the Australian Grand Prix has been postponed to November, so now Bahrain is going to be the season opener.

So what else has changed since I posted “Looking ahead to F1 in 2021” back on January 1st?

  • China (April 11) was dropped; Imola (Apr18) was added – I said Imola rather than Italy because Monza was already on the calendar as the Italian GP
  • Brazil moved a week earlier (now Nov07) to make room for Australia (now Nov21)
  • Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi both moved a week later (now Dec05 and Dec12 respectively)

But what hasn’t changed is Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes have not yet signed a contract for this season! There are all sorts of rumours about why but we may never know the real reason(s) for the delay.

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  1. Alfa Romeo had to use less fuel in 2020 says Salo []

    A former Formula 1 driver turned steward may have let slip a secret about Ferrari’s controversial and undisclosed FIA deal that followed the engine legality scandal of 2019.
    Last year, all Ferrari-powered teams took a major and unexplained hit in engine power as a result of the secret FIA settlement with the Maranello marque.
    As the 2021 Alfa Romeo was revealed this week, team boss Frederic Vasseur said he thinks Ferrari will “probably recover a large part of the problems” with the engine supplied to customers this season.
    “The team (Alfa Romeo) suffered from the misdeeds of Ferrari in 2019,” Mika Salo, a former F1 driver who now regularly appears in the paddock as an FIA steward, reportedly said in Finnish on his Twitch channel.
    “They were forced to use less fuel, so Alfa Romeo may be in a good position if they can perform at their best in the races this season,” the Finn added.
    Salo hit back at reports that what Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Haas will use in 2021 is an all-new engine.
    “I don’t know if they will have a new engine for 2021, but Alfa Romeo will at least now get all of the power in order to use their full potential. They were not allowed to last year because of Ferrari,” he said.

  2. “Formula 1 has confirmed the Portuguese Grand Prix will go ahead on 2 May as the third race of the 2021 World Championship.
    The sport said Portuguese authorities would decide whether spectators could attend in the coming weeks.
    The organisers of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, from 4-6 June, have said their race will be held behind closed doors.”

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