Photo updates, April 2024

  • TOPW: Keele to Ossington (or not)
    The best laid plans of mice and men… Despite the efforts of multiple experienced walk leaders, we were unable to find any options for lunch anywhere near Trinity Bellwoods so we made a last minute decision to head towards Roncesvalles as that seemed to provide more options. We also discovered that a section of the Railpath was closed, so Brad had to route around that. And because things happen in threes, when we reached Henderson Brewery we discovered it was closed as they were preparing for a private event. It wasn’t all bad news though – when we headed up Roncy, aiming for Bandit Brewery, I spotted a small bar called Round The Horn which had room for our group (about 20 people), had a variety of craft beer on tap, good food and very tolerant staff!

  • TOPW: Cabbagetown 2024
    This was the first time Nancy planned & led a walk, which had a great turnout and went really well except for the weather, which somehow was blamed on me! The walk through Cabbagetown was quite colourful due to the proliferation of plants and trees, especially magnolias. Unfortunately there wasn’t time to explore both Riverdale Farm and Toronto Necropolis, so most people opted for the farm before we headed back down Parliament to end up at Stout Irish Pub.

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