Paul Henman photo Photo updates, June 2009

Photo updates, June 2009

It’s only a week into July so I’m not as far behind as I was posting last month’s photo updates 🙂 It ended on a scary note when two hard drives died, one of which contained my photos! Fortunately I have had a RAID 1 (mirrored pair) configuration, which meant that my photos were written to two drives at the same time, so when one died I still have one working copy; as soon as I get the drive replaced, that’ll be the case again, but in the meantime I’m scrabbling to find space to keep them safe.

Anyway, let’s go on with the recap of June’s photos:

Don’t forget to check out my most viewed photos (which Flickr calls the “most interesting” set) and the other albums @, as well as my monthly round up posts (look for the “photos” tag).

If you’ve only got time to look at one or two photos, check out my “best of” photoblog @ – I only post one picture per week, give or take, so I try to pick a recent shot that I really like.

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