So that was Indy 2015

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I always need a few days to recover from the Indy weekend, because it’s a physically and mentally tiring three days, but here are some of my shots – a mix of crowd/kid shots from the shot list (i.e. what I’m asked to shoot) and racing. Most of the photos I’ve posted on Flickr are unedited (or minimally edited) as that’s how I handed them in; over time, I might go back and edit some of them. (Click on an image to enlarge it.)

Volunteers / Fan Friday / Make A Wish:

Fans / Kids / Vendors:


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Photo updates, May 2015

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Photo updates, April 2015

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Marillion Weekend, Montreal 2015

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The much-anticipated Marillion Weekend has arrived!

Kerri and I took Via1 to Montreal on Thursday. Uneventful ride, which is always a good thing. Dinner at Maharaja Buffet and then on to the fan meet-up at Brutopia – it was packed, as usual. Saw h, Pete and Lucy, and Kerri met other fans (but didn’t take any photos).

Friday: Brunch at Cora’s with Phil Simon, then off to Brutopia again for Kings and Scripted – both were great. I was surprised how many people sang along with the Fish-era tracks… and that I remembered so many lyrics given how long ago that was! :)
Beer and a burger at St Andre bar, then off to L’Olympia for the first night: Casey McPherson then Marillion performing Anoraknophobia. Wait! Pete tweeted that Casey is stuck at the border, so Eric Blackwood (of Edison’s Children) is stepping in! Eric even played three new tracks which will be on the next album.
Marillion opened with Montreal, of course … except that didn’t go to plan – the monitor desk just blew up! So much for their plan to open with an encore, i.e. play Montreal, go off stage, then play the whole of Anoraknophobia :)
Anyway, the technical problem is resolved and they come back on. After Anoraknophobia, it’s This Strange Engine (one of my favs) and Gaza.
While we were deciding whether to hang around to say hi to the band or have an early (midnight-ish) night, Pete came out so we had a quick chat and I snapped a photo of him and Kerri.

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2015 Marillion Weekend is almost here

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It’s two years since the last Marillion Weekend in Montreal, and it’s almost time for another one! Here are some of my favourite photos from past Marillion concerts; click on an image to enlarge it, or the links below for all the photos from that particular event.

2013 Marillion Weekend [2013 weekend write-up] [2013 lead up]

2012 North American tour (It was a crazy hot night at the Opera House!)

2011 Marillion Weekend [2011 write-up]

2009 Marillion Weekend [2009 write-up]

2015 schedule Afternoon Evening
Friday Scripted and Kings @ Brutopia Casey McPherson
Marillion – Anoraknophobia
Saturday Elephants of Scotland @ Brutopia Lo-Fi Resistance
Marillion – Marbles
Sunday Swap The Band David Barrett Trio
Marillion – “surprise” :)

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