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Firefox plugins

I was just listening to Net@Night episode 90: Leo and Sarah were comparing Firefox plugins and I thought I should share my list. It’s significantly longer than their lists, but then more is better, right? 🙂

  • Block the nasty people: Adblock Plus, firephorm, NoScript, SSL Blacklist
  • Pretty up Firefox: All-in-one Sidebar, ColorfulTabs
  • Pretty up websites: Better Flickr, Better Gmail2, Better GReader, Better Lifehacker & Better YouTube – thank you Gina! Also: Google Redesigned
  • Manage my bookmarks: Delicious Bookmarks, Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer
  • Manage my music: Foxy Tunes
  • Better photo/image viewing: Cooliris, Image Zoom
  • Twitter-craziness: Power Twitter, TwitterBar & TwittyTunes
  • And the rest: preview, CSSViewer, Download Statusbar, Fast Dial, Google Gears, Google Toolbar for Firefox, Java Quick Starter, Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant, Password Exporter, ReloadEvery, URL Fixer & Window Resizer
  • I also use these Greasemonkey scripts: Gmail Addons, FFWorkSpace, Flickr Groups Organiser, Flickr Photo Page Enhancer, Flickr Refer Comment, Flickr Buddy Icon Reply & Nested Twitter Replies

Somewhat related, if you want to see which WordPress plugins I use, check out my Plugins Used page.

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