Living with Lion

I upgraded my Mac Book Pro to OS X Lion last Wednesday evening; on the whole, I’m not convinced it was the effort. It’s not bad but it’s really not much of an improvement over Snow Leopard. In fact it’s hard to think of much that’s changed for the better. (Hmmm; whole disk encryption.) On the other hand, there are quite a few annoyances – admittedly they’re not all Apple’s fault but they’re annoying nonetheless:

  • I took care to make sure everything was backed up to my Network Attached Storage device before I started the upgrade … only to discover that my Netgear ReadyNAS wasn’t accessible under Lion! (A beta patch came out Thursday afternoon and seems OK now, after a few warning messages at first.)
  • The operating system has crashed twice since I installed Lion – it’s never done this before! Coincidentally it was the hottest day of the year, so maybe my MBP overheated; hopefully the worst of the heat is over so if Lion crashes again I can rule out that as a possible cause.
  • A lot of people have complained about the inverted – sorry, natural scrolling; I switched it back to normal straight away because I use a mouse and it feels backward.
  • I miss Spaces; the new Mission Control isn’t as useful/configurable but I’m slowly finding ways to make it do some of what Spaces could.
  • Launchpad seems pointless; it’s just another view of the Applications folder. OK, you can group the apps together but you can do that within the Applications folder too.
  • When I downloaded Lion I pulled out the installation media and burned it to DVD, just in case the upgrade failed and I had to install from scratch. (Instructions on Lifehacker.) That was simple. Then I went to create a label to print on the DVD and discovered the Epson software (“EPSON Print CD”) won’t run on Lion.
  • Other software which currently won’t run on Lion (or have major issues) and are as yet not updated:
    • Activity Monitor
    • AirPort Utility keeps saying there’s a new update available but Software Update disagrees
    • Canon EOS Utility to import photos from my camera – oddly all the other Canon utilities are fine
    • Cisco Connect – not sure why this is in my Apps folder
    • Console crashes (quits unexpectedly) sometimes
    • DeskLickr wallpaper changer refreshes on login but automatic/manual change (“New desktop thanks”) doesn’t work
    • DigitalColor Meter won’t start
    • Disk Utility runs but is insistent that it’s the incorrect version
    • Parallels complains the Boot Camp partition /dev/disk0s3 is not supported! (The other 3 VMs are OK)
    • Synergy crashes
    • System Profiler!? Strange thing is it’s OK when run from About This Mac -> More Info -> System Report

Lastly, there are a couple of other new features which I haven’t tried as yet (AirDrop and AutoSave/Versions) but they appear to have potential, so expect an update in about a week.

p.s. Lifehacker have published “How to De-iOS-ify Mac OS X Lion” 🙂