Paul Henman formula1 Australian GP – Friday Practice 2

Australian GP – Friday Practice 2

Live notes after the cut…

Speed feed for Practice; can’t wait to get back to the BBC feed when TSN show Qualifying and the race.

Trulli and Glock first on track, followed by Alonso, Rosberg and Vettel

TG 1:31.466
MW 1:30.662
5mins in to the 90min session; half the cars are on track
TG 1:29.670
AS 1:29.335
NR 1:28.597
FA takes too much kerb and spins in the final corner
NR 1:28.597
AS 1:28.111
JB’s Brawn car has day-glo green wheel hubs!
(01:40am) !! TV says Channel 205 “Speed” not authorised !! ?? !!
12mins in to the session – everyone has ventured onto the track at least once
RK complaining that he has no grip
JB 1:28.002
JT 1:27.168
JB 1:27.799
JT 1:27.050
JT 1:26.925
30mins gone; 60mins left; still no TV feed – thanks Robbers Rogers 🙁
Speed Channel now says it’s “blacked out […] due to program rights issues in Canada”
Fortunately there’s a ustream feed @—

(Missed a McLaren taking to the grass)

NR 1:26.142
NR 1:26.053
RK says his BMW Sauber “does not even feel like my car. I’m not driving it, it is doing things I am not asking it to do”
LH still down in P12; HK P14
Mind you, KR is P20
NR has to take evasive action to avoid hitting Buemi under braking
SV off; stuck on outside of corner; yellow flags out
Replay shows SV touched the grass under braking
(SV was out early in the previous practice session too)

(02:30am – NR still fastest @ 1:26.053)
(02:45am – ditto)
15mins left of this session; expect to see lap times fall
Top 8 are NR, JT, RB, MW, JB, TG, KN, SV
LH in P17; HK P16

LH complaining the the McLaren is bottoming out so badly he can barely see his braking point

FM runs wide, bit of a tank slapper, but gets the Ferrari pointing the right way again
TV feed cuts to Michael Schumacher (on Ferrari’s pit wall) who shows little emotion, as usual

KR up to P11; LH down to P18
McLaren’s sandbagging tactic is looking very convincing – please tell me it’s an act!

5mins left of this session; looks like I was wrong about lap times tumbling – NR still top

Chequered flag is out – session’s over

  1. N Rosberg (Williams)
  2. R Barrichello (Brawn)
  3. J Trulli (Toyota)
  4. M Webber (Red Bull)
  5. J Button (Brawn)
  6. T Glock (Toyota)
  7. K Nakajima (Williams)
  8. S Vettel (Red Bull)
  9. A Sutil (Force India)
  10. F Massa (Ferrari)
  11. K Raikkonen (Ferrari)
  12. F Alonso (Renault)
  13. G Fisichella (Force India)
  14. N Heidfeld (BMW Sauber)
  15. R Kubica (BMW Sauber)
  16. S Bourdais (Toro Rosso)
  17. H Kovalainen (McLaren)
  18. L Hamilton (McLaren)
  19. N Piquet Jr. (Renault)
  20. S Buemi (Toro Rosso)

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