Paul Henman formula1 Tyres for Canada, Europe and Britain

Tyres for Canada, Europe and Britain

The official F1 site notes that “Pirelli have announced the dry tyre compounds that will be used for the forthcoming races in Montreal, Valencia and Silverstone.”

Grand Prix Prime: compound (band) Options: compound (band)
Canada (Montreal) soft (yellow) super-soft (red)
Europe (Valencia) medium (white) soft (yelllow)
Great Britain (Silverstone) hard (silver) soft (yellow)
I think I remembered to post the tyre compound info with each race’s notes, but here’s a summary of the compounds so far:
Australia (Melbourne) medium (white) soft (yellow)
Malaysia (Sepang) hard (silver) medium (white)
China (Shanghai) medium (white) soft (yellow)
Bahrain (Sakhir) medium (white) soft (yellow)
Spain (Catalunya) hard (silver) soft (yellow)
Monaco (Monte Carlo) soft (yellow) super-soft (red)

[source: FIA]

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